[Ends When Sold] Haver & Hill Equine Sales

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    On Going Sales Listings


    1. Do not claim as your own creations. Give (due) credit to each horses creator/breeder.
    2. Payment must be sent (or completed) before sim files/profiles will be delivered.
    3. Email delivery only, my apologies if this inconveniences anyone!


    1. You do not need my permission to update horses with my prefix. For horses from other stables, it's probably a nice idea to consult the breeder first, however that is up to you.
    2. If you no longer want a horse that you purchased from here, in most cases I will gladly purchase them back at the sales price (or more if the horse has earned a significant amount more points).
    3. I'm not super active so my responses may be slow.
    4. Original breeders of horses or the last owner I bought the horse from has first dibs on any of the horses for sale that do not have my prefix.

    Meathod of Payment

    I am not overly fussed about prices, I will work on a sliding scale for those who wish to pay in cash, or for who I am not interested in taking trades for. As stated in the Guidelines, original breeders and previous owners of horses not bred by me will have first option to buy back provided they are avaiable and still active on the site. If you are interested in buying back one of your horses please comment below or PM me here on the forum. I am in no rush to sell these horses so please do not get upset and think that I am trying to ignore your (any previous owners/breeders) wishes by selling these horses. If a breeder/previous owner does not contact me about a horse, I will hold it for a period of time (probably six months or more) before sending the horse to reclaims so that it may be recovered from there.

    . . .
    Right now I am most interested in either having a full set of facilities made or getting custom markings in exchange for horses. I will be selecting only one person for a facility trade. For the custom markings, I will potentially accept as many as are offered. If I decline a marking trade from you please do not take it personally.
    . . .
    Facility Exchange
    When it comes to the facilities I will be very picky about what I want to be made, how I want it to look, and the layout of the facilities. These facilities will probably total somewhere around 20 various size lots, with barns and both indoor/outdoor and show arenas. I am looking for full decor and high quality. I will be selecting only one person for a facility trade, and I will be offerings a minium of $500,000 worth of horses to that person as well as $500,000 in cash. The person that accepts this offer will possibly have access to recieving horses not listed for sale. Horses and money will not be sent until the facilities are completed and sent to me.

    . . .
    Sale Prices
    Horses are being sold in price ranges. This means, for example, if 10 horses are for sale in the "Blue" category then are for sale for $10k each. Horses valued at $30k or more can be sold on a sliding scale, where if you have $100k or less in the bank I will offer the horse to you at a reduced amount proportionate to your total amount of money. Please understand that I have not been in my game in at least 6 months and I do not have photos of some horses, thank you!

  • Hi whats the price for White queen?

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