Tiny Sasin Scrapbook | 07/23/17 | Depressive Black Metal

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  • Yet unnamed filly plays in our huge paddock
    alt text

  • alt text

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7xz6yyMilk&feature=youtu.be

    I don't know if allowed but me creating coat <3

  • Nice group of foals, good luck with them. :D

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven
    thank you o 3o

  • I'm going to check out equus sims now
    I don't know if I will like it
    I might become less active

  • SASIN 1

    NAME Discipline
    SAI Apollo Speed Racking, Endurance
    SAI Hel Speed Racking, Endurance
    SAI Depressive Black Metal Speed Racking, Endurance
    SAI Magician Speed Racking, Endurance
    SAI Edan Endurance, TREC
    SAI Orwen Speed Racking, TREC
    SAI Tsukiakari Endurance, Speed Racking
    FAGRA TREC, Endurance
    Milli TREC, Endurance
    SAI Sinseongmodog Speed Racking, TREC
    SAI Dokkaebi TREC, Endurance
    SAI Evil Spirit Speed Racking, Endurance
    Raufka Speed Racking, TREC
    Geska Speed Racking, TREC
    Gradka Speed Racking, TREC
    Lauki Endurance, Speed Racking

  • alt text
    *Depressive Black Metal has ...interesting personality. At first her typical pony attidue and ears pinned back made every freshie in stables confused if she is safe at all. It looks like DMB has some sort of bitch resting face syndrome, of course when it comes to horses.
    But this mare has some pretty awesome skills.
    She can teleport out of everywhere. There were countless situations, when she dissapeared from pasture, just to be grazing on the other side of fence. All gates were closed and nothing was destroyed. She couldn't have jumped, as this is the last thing she would do.

  • Such an interesting personality of DBM xD Pretty mare though!!

  • Wow such an interesting mare :D

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