(Wanted) Builder of Facilities paying $1,000,000 value

  • I briefly mentioned that I am looking for someone to build facilities for me in my sales thread, and I stated that I am offering $500,000 in horses and $500,000 in cash. I may be willing to add in a little extra in cash (Up to 250k) if the value of the horses doesn't quite hit 500k but for all intense purposes, this is what I am offering in exchange for someone to make me a custom set of facilities. Now I know I am asking for a lot, and I will be happy to work with the right person on compensation and making sure you have enough creative freedom to not hate the job and have fun while doing it.

    The facility will be going in one of my private custom worlds. You will have access to this world while building the facilities so that they fit well and there can be an organic flow to the setup and design of the facilities.

    I would love a period style stable, something early 1900's, very iconic like the 20-30s or maybe as late as the 50-60s. Granted my preference will be for earlier. I have seen plenty of decor, textures, and items for this time period, it will just be a matter of downloading them (mostly from TSR) and using them. I cannot emphasize enough that full decor is a must for all lots, especially full landscaping. The design and feel of the lots doesn't have to be straight out of the box new, some buildings should look newer than others while some have an older/rusted/faded looking going on.


    1. Main Barn for English horses
    2. Main Barn for Racing horses
    3. Office building with rider/trainer amenities and parking lot
    4. Staff housing (possibly 3 med-small size lots for this)
    5. Breeding facility (shed, small turn out pastures, landscaping)
    6. Indoor Arena
    7. Covered Outdoor Arena
    8. Full-size Race Track, Dirt Textured
    9. Show Ready: Dressage Arena w/ spectator stands
    10. Show Ready: Show Jumping Arena (to be made up between (2) 64x64 lots) w/ spectator stands
    11. Show Ready: Eventing Course w/ spectator stands (handful of small lots to make a course)

    The actual lot count might be + or - 20, especially when you consider that making an eventing course will require a number of small single jump lots over a set distance. I am asking that you design the layout of the buildings, the eventing course and the racetrack. I think a full race track is actually 6 lots? The track does not need to be show ready and I do not want spectator seating with it, it's more of a training track but I still want it to look nice in terms of landscaping and things.

    For the barns I am looking for someone that can build them in a way that the inside look... real. With support beams and interior design. I do not want flooring under a roof because I can do that myself. I do not, however, have the skills to make the real looking barn interiors.

    If you want to subcontract out some of the work that is up to you, but I will only be paying one person (the builder) and it will be your responsibility to pay or compensate anyone else that you decide to ask to help you. Please also keep in mind that you (if you decide to take this offer) will be responsible for the end product and making a cohesive, polished looking facility set.

    On a final note, if you feel that I am not offering enough in compensation, please let me know! :space_invader:

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