Splash in mongolians

  • someone take me out of completing MBL

    So I found some pictures, freshies from Mongolia, where surprise surprise - monoglians can have splash too! Isn't it cool?
    It looks like splash is extremely rare and such so excuse some poor evidences


    This ^^ (pick nr 10)
    for the lazy
    alt text
    horse has blue eyes and white on its nose

    Found on some travel thing, the horse on left has blue eyes, much white on face and socks

    alt text

    alt text

    fresh pictures from last derby, much white on nose (may be splash)

    alt text

    cool mongolian with cooler blue eyes

    alt text

    Mongolain horse festival 2017, held in Mongolia, picks also from mongolia, loud-ish splash

    alt text

    I am ashamed of this picture but - stock picture, horse on left has small splash

    As with appaloosa, there are virtualy no registries online + no one notices splash

    Be nice please

  • The trouble with these pictures as evidence is that there's really no way to know these horses are splash. Blue eyes and white markings can be caused by many different alleles, including white spotting which we already accept in the breed. So while you can register horses that look exactly like that as 'white spotting' already, we won't be adding splash at this time.

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