Getting ugly confo horse registered!

  • Hi! I will soon try to get my ponies registered but their confo is just plain ugly, not unrealistic, just ugly

    ponies are going to look like this horses (kinda skinny so beware)
    well, it's confo isn't the pretties but it is actual breed type: high withers, ewest neck, pig eyes and really big head
    If registry says no no remake your ponies, can I include this as a proof?

  • PR Committee

    The registrar will most likely know a bit about the breed (or do the necessary research), so if that is the breed standard and the horse you submit matches it, there should be no problem. If there is a problem the registrar will let you know what you can do on the submitted horses sheet and you can submit an registration edit once you make any necessary changes.

  • If that is the breed standart is totally fine, but have in mind that if the breed can be less thin then the registrar may ask you to change the body, as we don't really accept skinny horses. Just remember that :slight_smile:

  • Aw, they are gonna be faties, just got concerned about ugly body! Thank you ~

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