{ENDED} DPPR Stud Auction ~ MHS Hellibrawn (+4 to SJ)

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    For our first stud auction, we're offering our premier Showjumping stud, MHS Hellibrawn, for his last stud slot. 'Clarence' is a foundation flaxen chestnut Dutch Warmblood stallion with 183 points in Show Jumping and will remain active until he reaches 200 points, so the baby will eventually get a full +5 from him. This will be his final outside foal he will be producing. Currently, he has 9 foals on the ground, making the eventual offspring his 10th foal. The baby will be made by me with custom markings using a mare provided by you, so this is a great opportunity to have a horse made by me but with your lines. Please ensure that either the mare you plan on using is a breed that's acceptable on the outcross list for Dutch Warmbloods, or that Dutch Warmbloods can cross into the mare's breed! Main site will be created by me, as well. Please put the banana emoji in your first bid. Just to reiterate and to summarize -- This is a breeding auction, so Clarence is not for sale, but you'll win a breeding by him :smile:

    Starting bid is 5k. Minimum increase is 1k and there is no maximum bid increase. On July 10th, if bids are placed on this day, this auction will go 24ALB.

    Main Site
    Flaxen Chestnut | ee/aa/ff | Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) | 183 Points (National Champion)

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    MHS Hellbrawn - Breeding Slot Neeve Kalford - 10k
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  • Well there goes all my money...SB 🍌

  • Haha, accepted! :heart: :crown:

  • 6k~ :) :banana:

  • $8,000 :)

  • God, 9k! '3' :banana:

  • All accepted, except @Natalie-Sans as you forgot something in your bid :heart: :wink:

  • Oops! Edited :D

  • Accepted! :smile:

  • $10,000 : )

  • Accepted, will update the main post :banana:

  • Has this ended now?

  • Yes, it is! And @Neeve-Kalford has won the breeding slot :sunglasses:

    Please DM me information about the mare you would like to use and I will get to work :hammer:

  • Yayyyyy! So excited!! Another DPPR horse to fuel my addiction!

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