Leda's World Emporium [Trotter Creek 5/19]

  • ->->Leda's World Emporium<-

    • Woodhearst complete version released 8/24/2016
    • Lynnwood released 4/13/2017
    • Trotter Creek released 5/19/2017

    Info about the Shop

    • I release custom made worlds made by yours truly!
    • Most of my worlds have pretty high detail and quality, i try to pay attention to detail with landscaping and terrain painting. ![/i]
    • I generally make larger worlds, so dont expect any tiny maps from me at the moment. [/i]
    • The time frame between each world release will vary, so do not ask about new worlds and when they will be finished, i will post updates on slack in the CAW channel time to time.
    • I am NOT taking requests at this time due to RL and personal projects, I may in the future, but i am OPEN to any ideas you want to give me for a new world !

    Terms of Use

    • Do not claim as your own work, give credit where credit is due
    • NO editing of my worlds without me granting you permission (with CAW)
    • If these rules are continuously broken, my downloads will be taken away from the public.
    • You can edit the world IN GAME as you wish (delete/add lots, trees or objects)
    • If you like my work, let me know!


  • Awesome worlds, thank you so much for sharing!

  • Lynnwood is now available on my site! CAW files included 0_1492130268581_Screenshot-80.jpg

  • ooohh love Lynnwood

  • Lynnwood and Woodhearst are both beautiful.

    Looking forward to trying out Trotter Creek as well when it is released. <3

  • @Maize-Winters its very close to being released!

  • Trotter Creek is now available! CAW files included for you edit crazy people out there! Im also going to add Woodhearst CAW files soon too if anyone want them? All rules still apply to my CAW files, no reuploading, mass sharing, claiming as your own. If anyone sees this happening before me, please let me know id really appreciate it. I want to keep making stuff for you guys. :) enjoy http://ledamonroe.wixsite.com/creations

  • These worlds are gorgeous, thank you for sharing. :heart:

  • Thank you Leda, these worlds are so amazing!

  • you all are very welcome <3 i wanna see pics of what you guys do with them

  • Oh my god your worlds are amazing. :heart_eyes:

  • Seriously my favorite worlds of all time! Thank you so much for releasing these!! <3

  • Thank you so much for sharing! <3

  • Thank you for the worlds, I am looking for a nice place for my stable once Katharina gets her degree. :D

  • I love your worlds but I am having a problem with them, when I try to start a new world on any of your worlds my game crashes. I was wondering if you might know how to fix it?

  • @Addelle-Watson

    Try making a whole new EA folder. First move yours somewhere safe so you don't lose anything. Double click on the world and let the game make you a fresh EA folder automatically. Then try opening up just that world and play around for a few minutes. Exit. Put in any CC the world needs and try again.

    Also what expansion packs do you have?

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