[Wanted] Thoroughbred World - paying up to $100,000

  • Hi! I've been looking around recently and nothing has really peaked my interest but I'm looking for a beautiful new world and I hope somebody can make it for me!

    It has to be specifically for flat racers so please only use flat land on / around the racetrack and stable facilities.

    Please send it to me as a .world file.

    Note: The stable lots and racetrack lots must be as close together as possible, like Avila valley 3.0's track layout and perfectly in line with each other to perfectly fit the facilities. On to more details! (You don't have to put any buildings on these lots, i'll do the rest once I get the world)

    • Medium to large world

    • Terrain paint: Grass (not too bright or too dull)
      (maybe just use what Avila Valley has)

    • Six (6) 64 X 64 lots for a racetrack

    • Four (4) 64 X 64 lots for stable facility
      (2 lots on top, 2 lots on bottom | Resembling a big square from the overhead view)
      (Also, I don't want it to be too close to the racetrack lots)

    • Small trail with trees on both sides & pasture land located further from the main area of interest. Also, I want the trees on the trail to be aligned with each other like at Taylor Made Farm.

    • After those, use as many 64 X 64 lots that can fit but further away from the ones listed above.

    Comment if you're interested in doing this for me! I'd appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I really need a new world to live in... <3

    If for private use only, i'll be willing to paying up to $100,000.
    I will send the payment once I receive the file on Slack.

  • You could try this! It might meet your needs.

  • Thanks. I looked at it and it's lovely. Unfortunately, I may not be able to edit the CAW files but maybe somebody else could for me and meet my needs as stated above! :) <3

    I haven't used CAW in years and I may or may not mess something up if I tried to do it. xD

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