Willow Road Equestrian Center

  • Hello welcome to my stable, at this stable we compete and breed. We breed Hanoverian, KWPN, Mules and Arabians.

    WWREC Svensken
    Breed: Arabian
    Gender: Stallion
    DOB: 01/16
    Color: Blood Bay Rabicano
    Genotype: EE/Aa/Rbrb
    Height: 12 hh
    Discipline: Endurance
    Secondary Discipline: Show Jumping
    alt text

    WWREC Supernova
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
    Gender: Mare
    DOB: 02/16
    Color: Bay Sabino
    Genotype: Ee/Aa/SbSb
    Height: 14 hh
    Discipline: Dressage
    alt text

    WWREC Nikki
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Gender: Stallion
    DOB: 01/16
    Color: Dark Bay
    Genotype: Ea/Aa
    Height: 12 hh
    Discipline: Show Jumping
    alt text

  • alt text

    My 2 gorgeous boys

  • SBS Boots With The Fur

    SBS Adelaida

    SBS Cher Ami

    This is some of our new horse that we bought a long time ago just haven't had time to post pics of them.

  • Boots is very fat, I like.

  • WWREC Svensken





    We recently bought 2 new mules, these are the first mules we have ever bought. We are super happy that we bought them from Charlie Smith. These 2 will never leave us

    Dogwood's Classic Candi


    This Amber Champagne mare is in our Eventing and Dressage team, we love her with all our heart and hope she can bring home many trophies

    Dogwood's Hardley Dun It


    This beautiful Brown Tobiano mare is the sweetest mule of all time. We absolute love her, we hope to get good progress from her.

  • SBS Boots With The Fur

    Let me tell you something about this handsome boy. He is the most loving Friesian Stallion you would ever find, when we bought him we didn't know he would be so special to us. He has given us much love since he came to this stable , even our naughty Arabian stallion WWREC Svensken loves him and he doesn't love anyone. We hope this boy can get a really good progress with him. I would like to thank @Charlie-Smith for letting us buy him.





  • OMG Dogwood's Hardley Dun It is so awesome love the pattern of the coat! But all of your Horses are such beauties! Love Boots With The Fur's name xDDD

  • awesome scrapbook! i'm especially loving those mules! couple of cuties

  • All the horses are looking so cozy and warm at your stable I'm glad they went to such a loving home, i look forward to seeing more of them. Boots is such a silly boy! He looks like he is enjoying himself! :heart:

  • Our New Horse

    WWREC Barnaby Trapper

    This is Trapper, He is an Akhal-Teke Stallion he is our first Akhal-Teke horse. He is in our Show Jumping team, We hope he can give good progress



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