Broomsage Ranch [New Horses Intro 1/22]

  • Back in 1975 Eugene Gilbert bought a nice piece of land with a dream in mind. He wanted to have a place way out in the country where people could come and have the real country feel. Good ol fashioned work and with work comes some play. He built the saddle barn for horses to compete and trail ride out of. He also built a bar. The bar was Gene's main sorce of income but he always had a special place in his heart for the horses.

    Especially since in 1991 he was blessed with a granddaughter, Nicole. Nicole loved her "Pop-Pop", As did her Pop-Pop love her. Gene could see the passion in his granddaughters eyes from a young age and promised Nikki she would one day own Broomsage. Sadly when Nikki was 5 her Pop-pop passed away from cancer. The promise was still on. Her Nanny kept the bar open but let the barn slip away. When Nikki turned 18 she was given everything. She told her Nanny she didnt want to run the bar. So her Nanny agreed to run it for her. Nikki worked day and night to get the barn running again and to get horses competing out of it again!

  • Hello Everyone! We will start out by introducing some of our new stock!

    RDR Jersey Ann
    RDR Peppy Sugar Fix
    These gorgeous girls came to us from Arwen Lockly. They will start competing soon.

    BNR Fame,Fling, N Bling
    Born here at BroomSage will start work on the barrel pattern soon

    CSR This Dun's Smart
    CSR Holiday Hottie
    From Cole Tieman's Farm. Hottie and Dancer are both stunning girls but Hottie tends to know this more than Dancer. Hottie stays clean and pristine where we can't turn Dancer out in the slightest bit of mud at the risk of cleaning her for 40 days and 40nights. She likes to think she is a pig. Dancer is very easy to work with and loves being brushed, maybe that is why she likes to get dirty?

    LER Smoke N' Lil Lena
    From Erica Davis' Farm, Lean Lou is out of a mare we purchased from Erica. DRE Buck's Smart Olena. Lean Lou has some big horse shoes to fill as her grandsire is LR Buck's Rocket and has done very well in the show ring.

    AAS Details At Your Own Risk
    AAS Gruella DeVille
    AAS Wynotta Legend
    From Tiffany Tieman Baby, Garnet and Wy are all very personable. They love people and attention. Garnet and Baby spend their days under the shade trees watching the others run and play until it is time to go train to become show horses. Wy spends his days being rowdy with Happy.

    HMR Happy N' Smokin
    From Kassidy Coy Lutz this is Happy. Happy spends LOVES to get into things with his partner in crime, AAS Wynotta Legend. These boys will steal blankets off other horses just to shred them, swing buckets after pulling them from the fence and even take towels away after a bath just to play with them. The barn crew certainly has their hands full with just these 2 colts

    With the new feature of being able to upload pictures right to my scrapbook/blog thing I will be posting a lot more! I hope you all enjoy!

  • heyyy omg i love Jersey <3 <3 <3

  • @Nina-Ricchi

    Thank you <3 tho I cant take creidt for her she came from Reinin' D Ranch

  • yay! stock horses! Wynotta legend has a beautiful coat

  • Administrators

    Haha! I'm glad he's causing trouble for you now and not me :joy:

  • All the beautiful babies <3

  • Thanks everyone!

  • 0_1487384954198_hottie.jpg

    We are so proud of CSR Holiday Hottie! "Hottie" won her class in Cole's reining Challenge! We are hoping this is the start of a great show career for her!

  • Go hottie!

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