[ENDED] Hanoverian horse

  • Hello! I am looking for Hanoverian horse breed!

    • Gender: doesn't matter
    • Specialization: show jumping
    • Coat: doesn't matter
    • Points: doesn't matter
    • Pedigree: preferably
    • Registration: doesn't matter
    • Price: up to $50,000

    I agree:

    • Not to change coat. If you don't mind, can add the detail.
    • Regularly participate in competitions.
    • Not to change the name and prefix.
    • Not to resell the horse.
    • The horse will compete, both here and in Russia.

    If anything, write their own additional rules.

    Here is a link to my album, here you can watch my work: https://forum.equus.community/topic/101/equestrian-complex-gabriel-angelos

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