{CLOSED} Honeybrook Studs - BIY Only

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    Welcome to this messy little place where I'll hopefully remember to update some of the stallions being offered for breeding. Right now only horses on this thread are available for public breeding; some of them are standing at stud for the last time.



    Prices are not negotiable, however I do accept trades (currently foundation imports are not accepted though)
    Use your own prefix / suffix for the foal, not mine
    You can do whatever you want with the foal, in terms of activity and re-selling etc.
    Payment must be sent before the foal is created, and the foal must be bred within 2 months of you buying the breeding slot
    You are only buying one slot which means one foal - no twins
    The stallion files are not being sent out. This is not negotiable
    It will make me very happy if the foal names start with the letter of their sire's name
    Mares should be registered on the main site at least. I don't mind you using broodmares for these breedings at all but it's nice if the foal has both parents linked to its profile, not an invisible parent.
    Once the stallion has his slots filled up, he'll be removed from the service. You can message me here on the forum or over on slack to buy a breeding.

  • Available Studs


    Horses listed below are currently available for public breeding. Once the horse's slots are booked up, he will be removed from the thread. This page is still a WIP so horses may change.


    • Honeybrook Noceur REMOVED
    • Honeybrook Daedalus 48 REMOVED
    • GOS Erchamion ALL SLOTS BOOKED
    • EA Johnny B. Goode
    • Irador d'Auroy


    27th May - I think this is as organised and ready as it will ever be, so let's say this is now open :smiley_cat:

  • The Horses


    All horses apart from GOS Erchamion are still actively competing so their points and bonus points will increase over time.

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    EA Johnny B. Goode
    Foundation Trakehner, bay tobiano
    53 points in field hunter trials - offers 2 bonus points
    Stud fee is $5000 - 5 slots available


    alt text
    GOS Erchamion
    2nd gen Trakehner, grey (black based)
    206 points in dressage - offers 15 bonus points
    Stud fee is $20,000 - 0 slots available


    alt text
    Irador d'Auroy
    2nd gen Selle Francais, black
    157 points in dressage - offers 8 bonus points
    Stud fee is $12,000 - 2 slots available

  • GOS Erchamion has 0 slots left now. In his place, I added Irador d'Auroy who won't be available for stud after his 3 slots are gone :smile:

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