{Closed} Honiley Stud

  • Sorry this thread isn't as pretty as all the others, but let's give it a go;

    I'm offering a few of my horses for public breeding, right now I'm only offering BIY and due to time commitments that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Each horse only has a few slots, and they won't be available for breeding anymore once their slots are filled. Its unlikely I will offer horses again, these are just a handful of some of my favourite horses that either a, I won't breed anymore or b, I just don't want to breed at all. But given their bloodlines and the bonus points they can offer, it'd be nice for them to have offspring.

    There are a few rules I ask you to follow, nothing strict or limiting the type of foal you can breed. I don't mind the horses creating international sporthorses or a grade horse, but please follow the few rules I do have.

    You can check available horses and their stud fees here, and get in touch through Slack or DM here on the forum if you'd rather, to buy a breeding slot.

    Feel free to ask any questions here or by PM.

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