[Ended] Silver Lining Stables | Pedigree Gypsy Vanners w/ Pts&Bonus's

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    Hey guys, I have two gypsy vanners for sale with a lot of different bonuses and pedigree to their names! One Vanner is a second generation and the other is a third generation.

    My rules are listed here, be sure to read them or your bid may not be accepted: Click

    SiLS Lotus
    Mare | Bay Tobiano | EE/Aa/TOTO
    bred out of Gwydion the Warrior and Hollow's Queen of Clubs
    Registered for Dressage with 20 Points
    Receives Bonus of 2 in Dressage
    Receives a Bonus of 2 in Draft Horse Showing and Bonus of 1 in Carriage Driving

    SiLS Red Moonlite Night
    Mare | True Black | Ee aa
    Bred out of SiLS Champion of the Night and WBS The Red Rogue
    Registered for Dressage with 7 points and Halter with 24 points
    Receives a Bonus of 2 in Dressage
    Receives a Bonus of 1 in Halter
    Receives a Bonus of 5 in Eventing

    Starting Bid
    Bid Increases
    $500 - $10,000
    This Sale will continue until the 11th if any bids are placed within the last 5 hours of the last day ending at midnight when the date changes to the 12th (Louisiana Time zone), Then the sale will switch to 24 hours after the last bid for that horse.

  • ok I am glutton for punishment - SB for SiLS Red Moonlite Night. :p

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  • PR Committee

    Here I am

    SB on Lotus :rosette:

  • PR Committee


  • 6k on Lotus <3

  • PR Committee

    7k on Lotus
    6k on Moonlite :rosette:

  • 8K on Lotus :)

  • PR Committee


  • 10k on Moonlight :P

  • PR Committee

    SiLS Red Moonlite Night will now be switched to 24hrs after last bid.

    SiLS Lotus still has two hours left.

  • PR Committee

    Sale has Ended for SiLS Lotus Congrats @Addelle-Watson

    SiLS Red Moonlite Night still has 11 Hours left.

  • SiLS Red Moonlite Night 11k please :100:

  • PR Committee

    SiLS Red Moonlite Night has 11 hours left again

  • PR Committee

    Auction Has Ended! Congrats @Kiha-Kim you have won SiLS Red Moonlite Night!

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