Equus 3.0

  • As there is new part of forum, there was something mentioned about new site and reclaiming prefixes? I know that something may be top top secret but at least something? Please? Ty ^^

  • Administrators

    When 3.0 is finished and members are being allowed to join there will of course be re-creation of member accounts including stables and prefixes. This will allow people to claim prefixes which were already taken on our current main site.
    We have encountered members who are concerned that someone will get in first and take their prefix - to counter this we offer the following measures:
    Initially (for a length of time yet to be decided) members owning a prefix on our current main site will have the right to seize that prefix on 3.0 from anyone who might have taken it.

    Inb4: no I don't have an estimate for when 3.0 will be complete

  • thank you elsie <3

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