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    ◊ you may change the barn name
    ◊ you may change the style of mane and tail
    ◊ no mass download
    ◊ do not remove the prefix/suffix and do not add your own prefix/suffix
    ◊ do not change: the showname, the conformation, the coat/color of mane and tail.
    ◊ do not use this conformation as a template
    ◊ I'm allowed to withdrawn a horse from a sale or auction without explanation

    Minte van Walvoord

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    Mainsite Profile
    Registered: yes
    Breed: Friesian
    Gender: Mare
    Main discipline: Dressage (can be changed)
    Secondary discipline: none (can be changed)
    Generation: 1st
    Sire: -
    Dam: -
    Points: 24 (Dressage)
    Titles: none, gets the first title in eventing with 1 more point

    About Minte:
    Minte is a beautiful Friesian mare straight from the Netherlands. Due to spending her whole life at the same place and being quite new to travelling, she gets anxious fairly easily and needs some extra time to get used to big (or small, seriously start brushing her from the other side than usually and she's going crazy) changes. She's packed with potential but as for now some of her qualities may show up slightly challenging (if your horse is freaking out because there's one new leaf on the ground at home you're for sure not taking her to competitions right away, I mean unless getting killed is one of your biggest dreams). With patient work and training this mare could anyhow make a nice dressage mount even for shows one day (if you really pray for the best, that is).

    Apart from all that Minte is a friendly(-ish) mare who enjoys your company and pats as long as you have something good to offer her. If you run out of pink marshmallow carrots don't even dream about her staying with you for a second. And if you dare to leave this drama queen out in the rain or ask her to walk over a puddle no matter how small or big it is you can bet your life on the fact that she's never going to forgive you. Short and sweet Minte is full of herself and expects to get special treatment, even the best isn't always good enough for her majesty.

    Breeder: Aada Wainio (please contact her if you have questions about coat updates, markings or similar)

    Price: $12,000 OBO

    First come first serve, send me a DM if you're interested!

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    I keep coming back to this. I've been meaning to add some Friesians to my stable....

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