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  • I was wondering if I could get some advice on the conformation of these ponies. This first one is a Connemara and I was going for a slightly heavy Connemara build however I still wanted it to look sporty (and able to be accepted)
    The first picture is from a little while ago and the second picture is from a few minutes ago. I tried to edit the conformation a little bit.

    Both of these ponies look huge like horses in these pictures for some reason, but both are definitely of pony height.


    And then the other pony I need some help with is a welsh pony (section b). This one was the one I was having a ton of trouble with.


  • The connemara looks pretty good to me. (The second version is more sporty but the first was ok too)
    I absolutly don't find the head of a welsh b for the second, maybe a little more dished face with a smaller and "round/smooth" nose.
    The neck is also too thin/long, the back could also be shortened I think.
    The hind end looks quite big but it may look like that because of the pose.

    Did you used any reference pic for making your ponys ? That would be cool to see them ;)

    PS : Not sure if this much white on a welsh is accepted here, would love to know ^^

    Hope this helped you !

  • I think that the Connemara looks quite nice also! But I do believe that the section B looks a little off, I think the Jaw needs to be slightly bigger, and the face a little more dished. If you are going for a more Classic Welsh Section B, I would advise putting more of a round barrel, and a short, lean neck. I'd also love to see more petite ears and more of a small pony then what looks like a large pony.(Might just be the pose) Also, if we use the Welsh Pony and Cob Society rules here on Equus, I'm fairly certain paints are not accepted, I'd love to see the Welsh in a Dapple Grey though ;) The Welsh you have now looks pretty close to a British Riding Pony! They are both super cute! Hope this helped

  • I looked at pictures when I was making the ponies but I didn't reference them based off of any one picture. I basically just scrolled around and pulled up tons of pictures for them.

    On the master breed list it says med & max splash is rare but allowed for welsh ponies.

    Thanks guys! I will see what I can do with the welsh. Ill try to post another picture once i'm done editing it.

  • Here is what I have now:
    The original pony was 13.3h, it is now 12.1h. I think it is just the pose making it look huge.
    alt text

  • I toyed a bit with the confo again. Any ideas?


  • PR Committee

    I don't know much about sport pony confos, but I think it's a huge improvement from the original. Seems to be well rounded and proportioned.

  • He is way better now, I can see he is a welsh pony ;)

  • Awesome, thanks guys!

  • Looks Great Sarah! Definitely looks like a welsh!

  • (Based on this photo of a Welsh B ) you may want to give him a bit wider barrel (maybe use the belly height slider to give him that round pony belly) and a slightly longer/thicker neck, maybe a little longer back as well but not too much, just a touch. It's difficult to say anything about his head given the pose but the face should be slightly dished. Also the ears could be a little shorter. The legs are also maybe a little bit too long. All that is, however, very minimal tweaking.

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