Registered horses that can not compete

  • I think I have already asked, but because of the long time that has passed, I forgot. I have some horses that are registered, but they do not appear in the list of their corresponding disciplines. I can not compete with them, nor can I re-register them because they tell me they are already registered.

    What I can do?

  • Best suggestion would probably be to fill out the discipline change form here. Or just look in the lock-up/registered horses list and see how they show up there. I've had some horses myself that ended up in the completely wrong leaderboard when the 2,5 thing happened.

  • Have you looked for them in the info database tab? I've had horses that I thought weren't showing up, but they just hadn't been added to the leaderboard because they had no show history yet, but if they're registered with their disciplines they should show up in the info database tab regardless of whether or not they've competed.

  • @Claira-James @Cristyne-Westwood I have looked in several sections, but they do not appear in any.
    I am going to try to send a discipline change request.

  • Administrators

    Your best bet is to use the look-up tool (link in the change forms post) to see what details and disciplines they're currently registered with, so you can make informed decisions regarding discipline changes, etc :)

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