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  • Hello simpeople! I need to know where to get this shiny eye. I've looked in database but no results
    can someone help me?

    alt text

    don't look at the marking, but shine, pics from database

    my eye looks like this

    alt text

    can someone help me? they look cool but I have no idea, i want the shine

    Those are not lakeside's realistic eyes afaik (or am I wrong)

  • The eye you're looking for is definitely Lakeside's. The way you get the shine is playing with the different channels--there should be a guide on the download page. :) Hope that helps!

  • @Frida-Radtke
    Even with horse that had the shine on eye it isn't displaying properly, weird. I'm getting fresh copy now, hope it helps <3 thank you

  • Do you have sliders for the eyeballs? Usually you have to play with them a little in order for the shine to appear.

  • Yes, I used them ;-;

  • To get that type of eye you need to make the 1st, 3rd and 4th channel black or close to black and the 2nd channel white/close to white. You may need to alter the colour of the eyes for the new mod to show up, even though it is installed.

  • @Merida-Dahmer
    alt text

    any ideas?

  • PR Committee

    Sometimes putting the eye-mod file in the Override folder (inside the Mod folder still) helps :)

  • Weeeiird, when i run vanilla game it works ;-; omg gotta clear the packages

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