Rosenthal Wood || Western and arabian challenges [04.17.18]

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    02.22.17 ❧ Hollymead

    Northfield Hollymead

    This article and the following ones will be about horses I currently own with a pic and a short presentation of them and their life with us. Any criticism is welcomed !
    This absolute cutie is an Highland Pony mare made by @Eowyn-Vance. I purchased Holly at her winter auction and was so happy to welcome that mare at our stables.
    She has a really rare coat (red dun) for her breed and the sweetest temper among all our horses. She quickly become the young (and older too) riders's favourite : if you're having a bad day just take some time with her and you'll feel better.
    We have great hopes for her in the future, she'll compete in TREC (where she already won a few points) and Carriage Driving : two disciplines that needs more recognition and that Hollymead really enjoy. Due to her rare coat and amazing character we'd love to have Highlands babies from her, but we let her time to progress so it won't be for too soon.


  • What a gorgeous creature <3

  • PR Committee

    What a beautiful mare <3

  • Ohhh Hollymead <3

  • Gorgeous!!! * - *

  • The way youre drawing the mane is just enviable! Looks pretty good :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Thanks, I admit she's one of my fave :heart:

    @Keileigh-Morgan said in Rosenthal Wood || Hollymead [02.22.17]:

    The way youre drawing the mane is just enviable! Looks pretty good :thumbsup_tone1:

    Thanks, actually, I'm not completely pleased with how it turned but I'm glad you like it.

  • she is beautiful and your editing is so nice!

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    03.06.17 ❧ Crypton HX

    Crypton HX

    Crypto joined our show jumping team in december and was previously owned by @Johanna-Masters. This stallion can be quite anxious in new places or around people he doesn't know (in general, he is very shy with them). We worked a lot on that issue and now, he's going better and has just won his first title.
    He's lovely and hard working under saddle once he knows his rider.
    Here's a picture of him enjoying his pasture time even if the weather is bad, he love being outside.


  • What a cut horse

  • ooohhh what a beauty

  • PR Committee

    Crypton looks lovely! Glad to see he is settling nicely in his new home! Thanks for the update.

  • PR Committee

    What a beauty! <3

  • Such a pretty horse and what a refreshing feeling to have circle shaped pics here!

  • Aaah I really like the muted greens and the misty feeling in the picture! And wow, Crypton has a wonderful face. Stunning picture altogether! :heart_eyes: Congratulations for the title! Good luck in the future

  • Thank you so much for all your kind comments :heart_decoration:

    03.19.17 ❧ Discovering the world

    RW Haastia*

    Meet our freshly arrived RW* Haastia, she's a Baluchi filly from @Alastair-Schrödinger 's MSE Ashtoreth and our stallion WDC Lost Without You. Haastia already shows a curious and strong temperament, she's afraid of nothing and love to play.
    She's the first foal born at Rosenthal Wood and we have great hope for her. But for the moment, she prefers smelling and tasting each flower of her field under her protective mom's eyes.


  • Adorable!

  • Beautiful photo <3

  • What an adorable picture! Really creative

  • What a beauty <3

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