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    Hello all, and welcome to my raffle!

    Now, I've been a horse person ever since I was young, and in all of my experiences with this particular breed, I have to say I believe there to be no better all around mount out there. That's just my personal opinion, but after being on Equus community for quite a while, I haven't noticed very many of these special ponies out there. That makes me sad, as I know for a fact how wonderful these horses can be because I own one myself. That's right....

    Connemara Ponies!

    alt text

    I'm raffling off two (or more, not sure if I will make more ponies yet or not) connemaras.

    Connemaras originate in Ireland and are known for their versatility. They're extremely athletic, and (usually, I didn't quite luck out on this end...) have good dispositions, making excellent children's mounts. Because of their large pony status (varying in height from 12-14.3hh), they also make good horses for adults like me (I'm very short). "The Connemara has a natural jumping ability, and its rectangular build lends it suitable for dressage. They often beat horses 16 hands and over with staying power, intelligence and heart. As a show jumper, working hunter, eventing, western pleasure, endurance, driving - Connemaras can do it all, and can be your best friend!" - American Connemara Pony Society.

    Colors accepted: Bay, Black, Chestnut, Seal Bay
    Modifiers: Sooty, single and double cream, Roan, and Grey.
    No white spotting accepted.

    No outcrosses accepted at all, but a Connemara x Thoroughbred can be registered as an Irish Sport Horse.



    • Please only one entry per person per horse.
    • You may apply for multiple horses, but will only win one.
    • The winners will be decided by randomization.
    • Please do not apply just to turn around and resell the horse. The goal of this raffle is to get more ponies out into Equus and raise awareness for the breed, not to make money. This is not a ban on selling whatsoever. I simply ask that you take some time to enjoy the horse first.
    • On the application form, you will be asked what my RL Pony's name is just to confirm you've read these rules. His name is Big Bear's Cornelius.
    • I don't care what you do with them; show them, play with them, I have no activity requirement. My only request is that, if registered and shown, please use my prefix (EVEC).
    • Because I don't have an activity requirement, these ponies do not come with main site profiles.
    • PLEASE be aware that I use a freak ton of mods, and I will do my best to help with markings, but I can't promise you will have all of them. I custom built my PC for modding and I have over 3,000 package files in my game right now, so for the sake of everyone else, I will not link my markings folder. I don't want to be responsible for crashing computers just for one horse. I will, however, mention the major markings used for each horse to help out.

    Pony #1

    Standing at 14.1hh, this little lady would be a perfect mount for either a child or an adult. She has been started under saddle and has shown a nice flat jump while free jumping. She's about 10 years old and has a very calm disposition. Her build is lean and athletic, and she would also do well in an eventing career.


    More Images: CAS | Free Jumping #2 | Standing

    • Farai's sooty belly shaders/head shaders

    Pony #2

    This small stallion stands 13.2hh. He's a little more... stubborn, and requires a bit of leg to get moving. We give him a little leeway, though, he's only 4. He's a little stockier than the mare, but who doesn't love a little chunker? With a bit of exercise and conditioning, he will build muscle easily. In spite of his belly, this dude has scope! And you can't resist that face. Just make sure you watch the amount of teats he gets, because cute or not, that little belly will turn into a big one!

    More Images: CAS | Standing

    • Farai's sooty shaders

    Click here to enter!

  • Competition Committee

    I will draw winners tonight :)

  • Competition Committee

    Congratulations to @Andrea-Burdine (Mare) and @Callixta-Rosella (Stallion)! Please shoot me a message here or on slack with an email I can send files to. Thank you for participating!

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