[OPEN] Ranch Versatility National Champion

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    Pine Lake Ranch's top ranch versatility stallion, PLR Cowboy Bebop, is now available for public breeding for both traditional and BIY. Offspring will receive a +4 bonus in ranch versatility and +2 bonus in working cow horse. All stock mares will be considered. PM Cristyne Westwood for details.

    Breed: Pintaloosa
    Genotype: Ee/Aa/ToTo/Lp/PATN2
    Ranch Versatility: 161 points (National Champion)
    Working Cow Horse: 51 points (Regional Champion)
    Stud fee (Traditional): $15,000
    Stud fee (BIY): $12,000


    1. Do not change foal's coat, conformation, or gender unless gelding.
    2. Do not put foal up for mass download.
    3. Foal should carry the PLR prefix. You may add your own.

    Available Slots: 3/3

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