Inactive horses / reclaims

  • So here's a quick summary of my queries regarding a reclaims system moving forward into 3.0. It's a two pronged question so I'm separating it:

    A ) When it comes to the move between 2.5 and 3.0, will there be an opportunity to reclaim horses from members not continuing on the new system like there was between 2.0 and 2.5?

    A lot of horses could be potentially lost in this move, and given all horses (from my understanding) will need reregistering, is there no way for simple reclaims to be instated here to help reduce loss of stock for breeders? Horses not moving from 2.5 to 3.0 because of inactive members would literally just disappear at this point and not be registered otherwise.

    B ) I'd love to hear more about how leases work in 3.0. I appreciate the need for a safer, more streamlined system for staff and members with regards to reclaiming horses from inactive members, but I do have a few queries, especially in regards to concerns about:

    • Official ownership / control over the horse: is this like a 'soft buy' option, who retains actual ownership of the horse
    • If there isn't an immediate payment for the horse, is it an ongoing fee? Is that how all horse sales will work? (Potentially good and bad, in that it removes the pressure of immediate outlay on say new members, but also takes a lot of the fun out of things like auctions. Also could be abused by owners increasing lease fees.)
    • Selling said horse: who could do it, who gets the profits?
    • Potential abuses of the system (eg where an owner takes horses off a leaser because they had an argument, but the leaser had kept them active and paid for the horse)

    A lease system sounds like a lot of the power would be in the breeder/owner's hands, which seems unbalanced. At the moment, all of the power is in the buyer's hands, but a 90/10 split I think is all most breeders are looking for (ie. only have the right to return a horse from someone who is no longer on the site).


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