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  • Hi! I have question! If horse's parent is pony and gives bonus let's say +3, and the pony's offspring is horse, will it have showjumping bonus or not? Will it have pony showjumping bonus? How does it work like?

  • I don't think the bonuses go that way :/ Pony bonuses don't go to horses I think because it's not led as the same discipline.

  • @Lidija-Rotherford said in Showjumping and pony showjumping:

    I don't think the bonuses go that way :/ Pony bonuses don't go to horses I think because it's not led as the same discipline.

    If you're right that's rather silly... I mean it's so common IRL for horse sto be bred into sport pony lines. Besides, just because the pony show jumpers and hunters actually got their own separate divisions on here (which I wish was the case in eventing too), that shouldn't mean it eliminates the benefits of cross-breeding.

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    Unfortunately this isn't intended as a reflection of realism on Equus, it's just a limitation of our 2.5 system that pedigree bonus doesn't transfer between disciplines. The options were to combine the disciplines and have them share bonus, or split the disciplines and have isolated bonuses the same as any two other disciplines. Sorry :(

  • Maybe it could be fixed in 3.0? Nothing automaticall, but maybe make some request form if one parent is horse and child is pony (or vice versa) we could do something...

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    3.0 has stats instead of pedigree bonus, so a horse who is successful at a discipline is likely to have offspring who are good at similar disciplines (regardless of whether they are horses or ponies).

    This is a simplification of the stats mechanic and I don't have much in the way of details with which to expand on it.

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    When I talked to Janelle on slack in the 3.0 channel, she did say that it will be possible on 3.0 to breed ponies with horses.

    Not sure about this tho, but since it's due to seperate leaderboards in show jumping I would think it's still possible to breed a horse and a pony. For example if I breed a Swedish Warmblood to a Swedish Riding Pony I can still register the offspring as a Swedish Riding pony. And if it's a show jumper it will only get the pony parents bonus, but if it's in dressage or eventing it should get it's full bonus, or am I completely out touring here @Elsie-Spectre? xD

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    I think we posted at the same time :) see above for my answer.

    Your second paragraph is completely accurate for 2.5

  • I think a clarification of the reason they are split may be helpful.

    Pre-2.5, there was a reoccurring issue of limitations to the height/level ponies could reach as evidenced by numerous pony-specific divisions irl. However, these courses in the examples were made specifically for ponies and not horses so those in charge of the two disciplines were conflicted about how to assign the levels more fairly when it assumed ponies and horses were to be competed on the same course. It was then that it was decided to regard these two (and not any other discipline) as separate enough to warrant a discipline split and give ponies new levels for it. This is not the case in something like eventing where the FEI limits all ponies to a specific level because they do not have pony specific (to the extent of show jumper/hunter) courses that this two disciplines do. Since pony circuits of these two disciplines are so wide-spread, both in Europe and the U.S., and because it was recognized that the discipline acted with its own criteria (course, height, pony height, etc), it was deemed separate enough to split into two as it was thought the best compromise to allow ponies to compete at obstacle heights which they have been proven to do. Pony division for show jumping/show hunter was never based on age of rider for the reason for the split, but the technical details of the disciplines. Equus does not enforce rider ages outside of role-playing.

    Yes, the limitation of outcrossing was recognized, but was considered a lesser concern than level limitation for what members were wanting. And, as mentioned, this is planned to be resolved as progress is made on.

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    FEI does indeed have pony specific divisions for eventing and dressage as well RL. There are also a few other disciplines that has pony specific divisions, which I can't remember right now cause I never worked with ponies in those shows :P However back when ES started with PSJ and PSH there wern't that many pony people around and most of the ones who had ponies competed in show jumping so I always assumed that was the reason for why ES choosed to only split show jumping and show hunter into pony divisions. Not that this information matters much right now tho xD

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