[Solved] Missing points?

  • Hi! So I was looking at the Show History lookup tool that was made but for some reason the points don't show up on one that is suppose to have 4 points earned from it, my v3 spreadsheet doesn't show the extra 4 pts added yet either.. (The show is called Phoenix Estates Flat Racing Show I). Why isn't it showing up yet? :confused: - I also think I have another horse that doesn't have the extra pts added yet either from same show.

    SVRS Nordlicht (#3005) show history

  • I just had a look to the show's results and your horse didn't get any points, so nothing is missing :slight_smile: Which is the other horse so I can look into it?

  • Hmm that's odd o.o I looked and it seems that none of them in that show got any points added to them for this flat racing show. Why would that be, some of them got higher placings?

    (in the show results dump for Nordlicht it says "6th - 4 -$480" but I just noticed that in the level 6 results tab it says "5th - 5 - $600" O_o This is confusing

    The others in question from the same show are:

    • 8837 - DRF/SVRS Lady Orator
    • 10297 - QMR Summer's End
    • 11721 - DRF/SVRS Feel the Rush

  • All fixed now^^ The sheet wasn't working propperly and the results were copied the old way copying them manually, everything was fixed and your horses should have their points correct now :)

  • Haha oh my sounds like a predicament! xD Thank you so much <3

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