[OPEN] OCN/FC BIY Breedings

  • Hello All!

    I have decided to Open up a BIY that will be open [potentially] indefinitely. The horses available will rotate ever so often, so if there is a horse you are interested in it's better to message me sooner than later about who you would like to breed to!

    BIY Rules & FAQ:

    • Files will not be sent for breeding
    • Please use your own prefix/suffix and not mine
    • Please use your creator ID when registering the foal
    • After you create the foal, please send me a shot of your adult foals conformation! I would love to see the foal and I would also like to see the conformation you have in mind. I may ask for small changes if I feel that it's necessary (it usually isn't).

    To schedule a breeding please PM me with the following:

    • My horse x Your horse
    • Your horse's Main site link
    • Your horse's current points and PB pts that it will pass to the offspring
    • Please also include any other relevant information that you would like to and any questions that you may have!

    View the BIY

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