Question on Stable Website

  • Hello, All. I am still trying to get the hang of this. I am trying to create my stable on my profile and it won't let me because I need a website. Is the website my Blog I create in the Forum or is it supposed to be an actual website I have to create? Thanks!

  • The website is for a site like tumblr, weebly, or wix. You don't have to create one, so you can just put put http:// in the mean time. I think it'll accept it.

  • @Darius-Royle *Thank you for that information, Darius. I wound up just typing 'None' in the website box and it let me make my estate. I will do a website but I am so picky about it that I want to take my time creating it before sharing. :) *

  • @Francesca-Purpledawn No problem xD And yeah the same is for me, I'm slowly building mine before sharing it.

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