[Wanted] Discipline Stamps - Paying at least 5k each

  • I'm looking for somebody to make some stamps exactly like the discipline stamps made by @Carmen-Raymond to add to my website.

    Example: Jumper Section
    Can be up for public use of course.

    LONG list ahead...

    • Western Trail Section

    • Mountain Trail Section

    • Flat Racing Section

    • Endurance Section

    • Steeplechasing Section

    • Harness Racing Section

    • Roping Section

    • Pole Bending Section

    • Classical Dressage Section

    • Western Dressage Section

    • Working Cow Horse Section

    • Eventing Section

    • Horseball Section

    • Polo Section

    • Hunter Paces Section

    • Show Hunters Section

    • Ranch Versatility Section

    • Working Equitation Section

    • Speed Racking Section

    • Pleasure Section
      (Trail, Park, Country, English, etc)

    • Driving Section
      (Carriage, Combined, etc)

    • TREC Section

    • Anything that isn't made already!
      (i'm stamp crazy..!) xD

    Will pay 5k per stamp (maybe more).

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