Hesterfield | March 18th | Stubborn winter

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    Table of content Date
    Kodak W 12.01.17
    Newborn 16.01.17
    Snap of the day 22.01.17
    The foals part I 30.01.17
    The foals part II 04.02.17
    Pigalle's first show 15.03.17
    Portrait of Pigalle 09.06.17
    Logan AT 15.06.17
    Anniversary - Firenze 24.08.17
    Yearling shame 22.11.17
    Palmyra HF 30.11.17
    Snowman's land 17.12.17
    Goals for 2018 29.12.17
    A bittersweet victory 12.01.18
    Stubborn winter 18.03.18

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    Bold indicates International Champion title
    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam
    Howler HF Swedish Warmblood Stallion Grey - -
    Legend Dary HF Swedish Warmblood Stallion Bay Howler HF Madeira HF
    Hippie du Tussock Selle Français Mare Bay Voltaire du Tussock Valencia de la Duis
    WEC Daenerys Hanoverian Mare Flaxen chestnut WEC Legato Liberty H.
    SSE Sundial Hanoverian Mare Bay SSE Moody Blues Firenze CW
    Phaethon HF Swedish Warmblood Gelding Fleabitten grey Howler HF RWE Aeryn
    Argo CW Swedish Warmblood Gelding Bay VE L'Impeto Oscuro Valinor AT
    Thracia Thoroughbred Mare Chestnut Tracery Araucaria
    Karelina Swedish Warmblood Mare Black Foundation Foundation
    ASG Drachenseele Hanoverian Mare Bay ASG Dragons Dogma WEC Daenerys
    ASG Playboy Hanoverian Stallion Bay MSE Project Mayhem (T) Letrie W
    Palmyra HF Swedish Warmblood Mare Chestnut Howler HF Delta W
    CDC Navy Blues Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay SSE Old Navy Epona HF
    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam
    Le Matin HF Swedish Warmblood Stallion Bay - -
    Ruby Rose RES Hanoverian Mare Bay Rendez-vous RES Mahogany Doll RES
    Daloa HF Swedish Warmblood Mare Palomino Bernstein HF Daffodil HF
    Latona HF Swedish Warmblood Mare Bay Bernstein HF VE She Wolf
    Pollux HF Swedish Warmblood Stallion Chestnut Le Matin HF LIT Ultra Violet
    Fiedersturm Zweibrucker Stallion Bay WVS Fiedertanz Demeter
    CL Cineraria Swedish Warmblood Mare Chestnut CL Amiral Daffodil HF
    Feuertanz ET Zweibrucker Stallion Chestnut Fiedersturm Iominka ET
    Opale d'Auroy Selle Français Mare Chestnut Le Bestseller HA Gladys du Tussock
    Name Breed Gender Colour Sire Dam
    CDC Henri Lloyd Swedish Warmblood Stallion Grey WHM Henri d'Aramitz Wifi HF
    UW Polyhymnia Irish Sport Horse Mare Bay tobiano UW Art Nouveau Styrmborn
    Nintendo EP Swedish Warmblood Stallion Bay Tonkpils EP CL Lankella
    Kodak W Hanoverian Stallion Black Killian W Flicka W
    Colina L Danish Warmblood Mare Chestnut Calimero L Poetry Of Love L
    Eezie Madden Thoroughbred Mare Bay - -
    Red Alert Thoroughbred Mare Liver chestnut - -
    Risque d'Auroy Swedish Warmblood Mare Rose grey Horus du Tussock Wifi HF
    Royal Affair d'Auroy Selle Français Mare Fleabitten grey CDC Rheinritter Europa du Tussock
    Name Breed Gender Discipline Sire Dam
    Bernstein HF Swedish Warmblood Stallion Dressage - -
    Daffodil HF Swedish Warmblood Mare Dressage - -
    Avatar HF Swedish Warmblood Mare Dressage - -
    Wifi HF Swedish Warmblood Mare Eventing Howler HF Queen Dharma
    Firenze CW Hanoverian Mare Showjumping VE L'Impeto Oscuro VE Deviant
    Epona HF Swedish Warmblood Mare Showjumping Howler HF CMS Ruby Riot
    APS Midnight Poison Swedish Warmblood Gelding Showjumping LMEC Magic Touch Revenge HF

  • Killian W x Flicka W
    Hanoverian stallion

    Last year we had some reorganization in our eventing team. Hanna Kihl left us and Malin Hammar, 21, (made by Paige Price) joined the team. Malin is an experienced eventer despite her age, she was very successful during her time as pony rider with several Swedish Championship medals and some competitions abroad in the national team. She has during the winter had time to get to know Kodak W and Colina L, the two horses she will compete for Hesterfield.

    Kodak W is a noble stallion with a heart of gold. He's been with us since he was 3 years old so the long time staff has had the pleasure to get to know him quite well now. He is always the one reminding the staff when it is time for food, his whinnies echoes between the buildings if he isn't served his grain right on time.

    Out on the cross country course Kodak need a rider he can trust as he may be somewhat anxious in new situations. But once you've gained his trust, he is as brave as you are...

    Here's a snap from the winter training. Kodak has been doing much work with bounces to make him quicker. He gets a bit too excited, trying to take two bounces in one jump, silly. :smirk:

  • Merida, I love you. This is just my cup of tea :heart_eyes: Not only is the presentation excellent and what a fantastic way of displaying the different horses' disciplines, but the whole feel to it is just up my alley. Bring me more to drool at, Kodak's pretty pictures has only got me started :grin:

  • Your editing skills are outstanding, those pictures are to die for :heart_eyes:

  • oohh beautiful edition love Kodak

  • Your pics of Kodak, especially the profile one with blueish glow behind him - it suits him so well! :heart_eyes: and I also have noticed same way in my own Killian baby, that she don't have patience sometimes to actually do what she wants her to do :laughing:

    btw - where did you find these cavaletti stands? those white sugarbits ones?

  • Beautiful pictures :heart_eyes: Kodak is a real stunner :3

  • @Mandy-McAvoy Haha thank you :kissing_cat: Now you're gonna have to wait for a bit, I just finished two editing heavy pictures :cold_sweat:
    @Constantine-Vale Aw thank you :heart:
    @Nina-Ricchi Thank you :kiss:
    @Christina-Lindblad They are made by Carmen :ok_hand:
    @Erika-Holmfirth Thank you :D

  • Wow beautiful pictues :)

  • Wow this horse <3 I'm in love!
    Also, I totally dig the layout with the disciplines! Great job!

  • Every time I see your pictures I want to hide somewhere in the corned and stay there, because they are just waaay to gorgeous. I love the details you add, the presentation, the angle, the editing - argh, just give me your skills :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Banned

    mmm hello malin! and kodak , lovely to see you too ^^

  • PR Committee

    Ugh Merida you've done it again! Your editing is some of the best in the community. I love the layout and style of your presentation! It took me a moment to realize that the horses were separated by discipline :face_palm_tone2: Kodak is such an elegant boy! I love how rich and dark his coat is. I can't wait to see more!

  • What a pretty guy he is, Kodak <3 Your editing is flawless as usual! Beyond beutiful <3

  • Oh he is just beautiful! Your editing is phenomenal as always! I am left in awe of your pictures!

  • Silly boy! Pretty horse with a bright future ahead!

  • Oh man! What a handsome boy! <3 And I'm seriously in love with the headers that you have above each table. So fancy!

  • @Effie-Phoenix Thank you! :D
    @Nadia-Kilian He is wonderful. All credit to @Elin-Fredriksdotter who made him :heartbeat:
    @Daria-Burtseva DON'T HIDE, you make amazing pictures too silly :kiss:
    @patsy-brennan Eyy it was a struggle to get her here but it was worth it :P Thanks again :heart:
    @Johanna-Masters :flushed: Thank you <3
    @Annie-Emerson Thank you :kissing_cat:
    @Alice-Palmer Thank you so much :two_hearts:
    @Lidija-Rotherford Haha let's hope so, his level progress has been slow lately >.>
    @Kia Thank you so much :D

  • Merida have mercy upon me </3 ... I'll go into hiding with @Daria-Burtseva , lol! Seriously though, your editing is absolutely flawless and I want to cry everytime you upload a picture. <3 And teach me how to draw eyes like that :bow:

  • Well hello there pretty fellah :smirk: :heart_eyes_cat: love his name also!

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