Hesterfield | March 18th | Stubborn winter

  • Gorgeous picture Merida, I love everything about it, it's so peaceful <3 Royal Affair looks beautiful, I'm sure she'll do really well for you. I hope you get spring soon, it looks so cold!

  • Ulala what a great horse

  • love the winter atmosphere in the picture, and the editing is amazing c:

  • I hope you'll treat us with a beautful new update before all the snow melts though :D

  • Lovely picture as usual Merida! The realism you put into the photos and the thought in the descriptions to match just brings life to the photos!

  • Your edits really are in a world of their own. The way you draw your hair is just so realistic and all those little details just make everything look so realistic. Always a pleasure staring at your work <3

  • Urgh Merida your are killing me here, your edits are always out of this world :bow_tone1: Love all those little Details you've put there but daaaamn looks it cold there :snowflake:

  • Wowowowowowo why did i noticed this blog so late? ur pictures are stunning! <3

  • omg merida! what stunning pictures. especially down to expelling warm air into the cold. amazing.

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