[SOLD] Arabian leftover


    • basic rules apply
    • do whatever you want with horse
    • you are fine to edit confo/coat/details
    • do not copy/reuse/use as template coat
    • you are fine to use confo only as foal's confo
    • if you read rules put fresh meme in your application/bid
    • if you resell horse, notify me first
    • i will try to help with markings, but not sure it will work
    • do not claim as made by you

    So this arabian (?? can be something else if you wish) was made by me just for coat and I was pretty proud of it but then hey, i don't breed arabians or whatever it is. I didn't want to dump it so I maybe sell it. Confo might be ugly but you are fine to tweak it however you like.

    alt text

    fresh from cas

    with sharpen

    alt text

    without one

    SB is 1k, minimal rise is 500.

  • quickes sale ever
    btw there will be video of making the coat so the thirsty may copy

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