Fancy name for Grade Baroque

  • I was wondering if the BC might consider coming up with a fancy sounding name for grade baroques the way you guys did for grade warmbloods of sporthorse type with International Sporthorse? It would be kind of cool to have the option for all of our potential baroque type crosses (with various baroque breeds ect) but if not I fully understand, just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask! :high_brightness:

  • International Sporthorse is named after and to mimic the International Sporthorse registry (ISR) that exists irl (link). The difference between a "Grade (Warmblood)" and "International Sporthorse" is admittedly slight and perhaps redundant, but it wasn't a case of a grade breed given a fabricated name, and was named after an irl registry. If there is something like this in existence for baroques, then it may be more of an option.

  • Oh dear... I didn't even realize! I appreciate the explanation, thank you n.n I think I will attempt for look for something like what you mentioned for baroque's but I feel like if there was then the BC would already know about it lol I did come across this site (Friesian sporthorse related) that has a registry for the Gypsian (Friesian x Gypsy Vanner) and also appears to have a registry for Friesian x Arabian and Friesian x Lp/Patterned breeds. They do also list a Warlander and Barock pinto registry. Granted I can't say I am in love with some of their crossbreed names... but would a site like that provide sufficient information to have those (strains ?) of Friesian sporthorse added or have them added as independent breeds?

    From what I can tell people actually seem to use that site as a registry. I have seen a registered horse here. And it does appear that Gypsian's can be registered with Gypsy Sport Horse Registry, as seen on this horse. It appears there might be such a thing as the Gypsy Sport Horse, and a registry for it (from what I'm reading so far) ... somehow this is turning into a thing about Gypsy crosses... not what I intended!

  • I'm not sure at this point what we'd be adding :p We do already accept various Baroque crosses as their own breeds because they have established registries with their own breeding guidelines (e.g. Barock Pinto). We really require new breeds to be unique and adequately distinct from existing options so a general Baroque cross is already covered by Baroque Grade and won't be added separately.

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