I need help with world stuff

  • Hello all you wonderful and talented people, I have a question regarding what folder do I place Caw files, like the world setting file, files that say lot at the end of a lot of numbers and files that have layer in the fold. I have down loading the game from origin(I do have all the hard copies of S3) but the folders in the S3 do not have lot folders any more, bin folders etc..etc.. there is a world caches folder - so what do I do the files that end in lot, layer, settings and even a bkp file too. I sure would like to know. Thanks, Kat

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    .world & .settings should be loose files in this folder
    documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Create A World Tool\UserToolData\Worlds

    In that folder there should also be a folder with the name of the world that contains two more folders.
    Layers - All .layers files go here
    Lots - All .lots files go here

    The bkp (Backup) folder is a folder that contains a backup of the world and contains the two folders as the regular world folder (Layers & Lots)

  • @Nea-Sterling I do not believe I have the CAW tool, so in my game there are no folders for bins, lots or layers. The only folders I have are called World Cache and Installed Worlds which seems to be where the worlds go from the S3 pack way of adding to the world to the game. There is a backup folder but that is about it other than the mod folder. All other folder are empty with the exception of the Library, Mods, Back up, DCCache , installed worlds, world cache and the saved folders. Thumbnails folder have stuff in it too.

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    If you want to use CAW files you have to have CAW tool installed.

  • @Nea-Sterling Ah okay, I was just wondering where the CAW files, Lot and Layers would go in my game. Thank you for your help in this. :D

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