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    Welcome at the Oosterwoud Stables
    The Oosterwoud stable is a small private stable in Germany. The stable can accommodate 6 horses and at the moment we have 4 horses there. So nothing special. :3
    My name is Selda and I turned 18 a few months ago. I study business administration here in Germany and at the weekends I try to compete with my horses.
    In my photo album I would like to let you participate to my life.
    This is Dalia, she is a 4 year old Hanoverian mare. I got her as a 2 year old yearling, since a few weeks she is under saddle and I can't wait to compete with her. She can be very temperamental and stubborn. Just like a mare is but most of the time she is perfect to handle. <3
    Oh, yeah, the blonde girl there is me.

  • Your horse and logo are beautiful.

  • Gorgeous picture! Dalia has such a beautiful rich coat, and I love her white face marking, very unique! Can't wait to see more :-)

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven thank you so much :3

    @Michelle-Frohman thank you, I love her head marking too :D

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