Horses taller than long

  • Hi! So as we all know, horses taller than don't have easy time getting registered. But what if I want to register giraffe horse like this? Is it still no-no?
    alt text

  • From what I read in various books over the years, race-horses tend to be bred to be a bit taller than they are long, simply because longer legs = longer strides, as opposed to e.g. draft horses, bred for pulling where it is more of an advantage for them to be a little bit longer than they are tall. And finally "regular" riding horses are most helped by being equal in height and length... Variations do occur... But I have a feeling on here, those variations aren't permitted.

  • @Claira-James
    Yes, I once tried to register racing tb that was giraffe, and well, i had to shorten it's legs :/

  • To me that horse looks very young and hasn't finished growing yet so it's conformation would not be perfect. It might not be - but it certainly looks it. Could you not register it as a non realistic horse? I don't know how this works as mine are all realistic but I do see that option when I register my horses.

  • @Alice-Palmer
    AFAIK this horse was adult stud in UK? It never outgrew its foal legs xP
    I think that unrealistic registration is just about coats, like overo in arabians or tobiano in percherons.

  • Unrealistic registration only applies to coat as you said, conformation and outcrosses must stay realistic. The problem with "taller than long" horses is that it looks unrealistic for most breeds. If you make a horse slightly taller than long it shouldn't be a problem, if the horse is considerably taller then it won't be accepted. Always keep in mind that it should look realistic when it comes to conformation.

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