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    Strawberry Hill is a small breeding-, private- and competing-stable. It's located in Denmark, in the sims, it's located in Woodhearst.
    Our mainbreed is the wonderfull Welsh Cobs, and we focus on breeding healthy and good Welsh Cobs with potential as a child pony, an allround pony and a competition pony. We breed Welsh Cobs in all sizes, from 1,45 cm to 1,55+ cm.

    Apart from our main breed, we also have some other breeds. We have some of the other four welsh sections (A, B, C and F). We have some hanoverians, two friesians, a jutland horse, a knabstrup pony, a norwegian fjord and a litte shetland pony who's our mascot.

    Strawberry Hill was re-opened in 2014 by Jill Summers. Many years ago, Strawberry Hill was owned by her grandfather, and it was a very beautiful place. He had a passion for Welsh ponies, and he bred many beautiful ones. But when he passed away, his son took over the place and ruined it with his madness.
    Strawberry Hill slowly lost it's beauty and was left in ruins when the son didn't have any money left. When Jill turned 25, she used up all her savings buying the ruined farm, all to make her grandfather proud and bring Strawberry Hill back to life. But after a while, she had to give up because she couldn't do it by herself. She had lost faith in the project and the will to continue was just not there anymore.
    My ex, Chris, and I brought it and promised Jill to continue all her hard work, and we did. But then Chris and I got into a big fight, and now I'm taking care of Strawberry Hill with a good friend of mine named Macy Kate.
    At first, I didn't want to have and breed Welsh Cobs, because I had my heart set on the hanoverians. But then Macy found some georgeus Welsh Cob stallions and I litterally fell in love with the Cobs. For a long time, we bred hanoverians AND Welsh Cobs, but after some time I decided to stop breeding hanoverians and only have a few of them, and then focusing on breeding the wonderful Welsh Cobs!

    0_1500370315920_Our Staff.png
    Rider Age Disciplin Horses
    Poppy Carter 25 y/o Dressage SBH Carthago Sun, SBH Don de Vito, SBH Diamond Street, SBH Halloween
    Macy Kate Wynther 24 y/o Dressage Soprano CA, SBH After Midnight
    Carmen Rebekah Dawson 23 y/o Eventing Delphine CA, SBH Finesse, SBH Jack Sparrow
    Clarissa Cortez 24 y/o Showjumping SBH Winter Is Coming, SBH Voltaire
    Michaela Skylar Jackson 16 y/o Eventing SBH Winterfell,
    Moana Norwood 17 y/o Eventing SBH Caribbean Dream, SBH Golden Jackpot
    Lillith Blake 7 y/o Allround ES Miss Therese, SMR Peter Pan, FWE Frigg
    Kayla Cortez 8 y/o Eventing SBH Romarica , SBH Sir Sherlock
    Kiara Cortez 7 y/o Dressage SBH Tallulah, SBH Amberline Heart
    Carly Cortez 9 y/o Showjumping SBH Malibu, SBH Bon Bon, SBH May Ellen

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    0_1500371727175_Welsh Cob Stallions.png

    Name Color Sire Dam Discipline
    SBH Winterfell Grey (Bay) Winterstorm* Summer Rain* -
    SBH Jack Sparrow Black Remington* Ruffle* -
    SBH The Gladiator Darkbay - - Dressage
    SBH The King of Wales Liver Chestnut - - Dressage
    SBH Captain Morgan Chestnut Catching Fire Primrose Dressage
    SBH Golden Jackpot Buckskin Filou Chianti -
    SBH Don Perignon Palomino Scooby Doo Rosemary -

    0_1500371738921_Welsh Cob Broodmares.png

    Name Color Sire Dam Discipline
    SBH Moonlight Sonota Bay - - -
    SBH Lucky Lady Bay - - -
    SBH Soireé Darkbay - - -
    SBH Sailors Moon Black - - -
    SBH Miss Popeth Flaxen Liver Chestnut SBH Jack Sparrow SBH Retina -
    SBH Mary Lou Palomino - - -
    TJS Ruby Delight Chestnut - - -

    0_1500372071719_Welsh Cob Youngsters.png

    Name Color Sire Dam Discipline
    SBH Queen of Scots Darkbay SBH Roscoe SBH Solitude -
    SBH Black - - -
    SBH Buckskin - - -
    SBH Palomino - - -
    SBH Flaxen Chestnut - - -
    SBH Darkbay Roan - - -
    SBH Darkbay - - -

    0_1500372100954_The Pony Club.png

    Name Breed Gender Color Sire Dam Discipline
    SBH Happy Feet Shetland Pony Stallion Black Tobiano Pepsi Max* Blueberry Muffin* Mascot
    SBH Bon Bon Knabstrup Pony Stallion Spotted Ravaldi* Bonita* Showjumping
    ES Miss Therese Welsh Pony (Sec B ) Mare - ES Their Golden Boy Montana's Für Elise -
    SBH Romarica Welsh Pony (Sec. C ) Mare Grey Synod Grouse* Pretty Maid* Eventing
    SBH Malibu Welsh Pony (Sec. B ) Mare Strawberry Roan Witek* Beyonce* Showjumping
    SBH Tallulah Welsh Mountain Pony (Sec. A ) Mare Darkbay Hazy* Desi* Dressage
    FWE Frigg Norwegian Fjord Mare - Kvetin* Rika* -
    SBH Amberline Heart Welsh Cob (Sec. D ) Mare Flaxen Chestnut Catching Fire Primrose Dressage
    SBH May Ellen Welsh Cob (Sec. D ) Mare Darkbay SBH Scooby Doo SBH Maggie May Showjumping
    SBH Vanessa Mae Welsh Cob (Sec. D ) Mare Darkbay SBH Scooby Doo SBH Maggie May -
    SBH Sir Sherlock Welsh Cob (Sec. D ) Gelding Darkbay SBH Filou SBH Chianti Eventing
    SMR Peter Pan Welsh Cob (Sec. D ) Gelding Darkbay SMR I Got A Feeling SBH Catmint -

    0_1500372834597_Other Horses.png

    Name Breed Gender Color Sire Dam Discipline
    SBH Carthago Sun Hanoverian Stallion Chestnut SBH Carthago SBH Wenezia Dressage
    SBH Don de Vito Hanoverian Stallion Darkbay KE Don Schufro Shayenne DE Dressage
    SBH Winter Is Coming Hanoverian Stallion Grey (Bay) Marlo* Donna* Showjumping
    Soprano CA Hanoverian Stallion Grey (Bay) Guarde Royale CA Olympia CA Dressage
    SBH Diamond Street Hanoverian Mare Darkbay KE Bourbon Street SBH Lady Diamond Dressage
    Delphine CA Hanoverian Mare Darkbay BVE Knight Golden's Aurora Eventing
    SBH Halloween Friesian Stallion Black Haerke* Eeltje* Dressage
    SBH After Midnight Friesian Stallion Black SBH Halloween Maaise af Stald Barock Dressage
    SBH Jeppe Jutland Horse Stallion Flaxen Chestnut Zeus* Kraka* -
    Tortuga Corazón P.R.E Stallion Darkbay Corazón Recca Corazón Dressage
    SBH Caribbean Dream Welsh Partbred (Sec F ) Mare Bay Tobiano SBH Riverside SBH Maggie May Eventing
    SBH Finesse Danish Warmblood Mare Black SBH Armstrong SBH Florentina Eventing

  • Now that I'm finish with creating my blog, I'll post the latest picture from Strawberry Hill, with the youngsters on Strawberry Hill and open for coments :D


  • They are so prettyyyyy! <3

  • So cute and fluffy~!

  • @Alexandra-Richmond - I'm glad that you think that :DD

    @Darius-Royle - Thank you for the sweet comment! :D

  • @Poppy-Carter You're welcome, definitely gonna keep watch for more :D

  • They are such a rainbow of beautiful colours <3

  • 0_1500974634313_Screenshot-105-FB.png
    This is SBH Bon Bon. He's an small knabstrup pony with a lot of attitude. He's an amazing showjumping pony and LOVES it.

  • He's amazing, very beautiful <3

  • @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you! :D

  • 0_1500975076944_Screenshot-106-FB.png
    This is SBH Bodyguard. He's a big oldenburg stallion at the age of 8, and even though he's a big bulldozer, he's the sweetest soul xD

  • 0_1500975186036_Screenshot-99.png
    We've also got some new members of the team. This little girl, Mia, and her mom, Dayana. They've bought some horses with them and one of them are Mia's little pony, Minnie, that Dayana and Mia's father gave her when she was 2 years old.
    I think we have a upcomming star here xDD

  • @Poppy-Carter I love this picture, how did you get it. It is wonderful.

  • Oh wow, what a chunky pony :hushed: I love chunky ponies. There are such a nice difference from the wamrblood overflow of the community. Plus, your atmosphere in your pictures is stunning :thumbsup_tone2:

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven I used shift + a and d to tilt the picture :D
    @Aliisa-Pohl Thank you very much for the kind words! I love chunky ponies too, they are so adorable! :D

  • Bodyguard is a name that suits him so, so much! Wow!

    If your kid needs (... to lease) a proven dressage pony lemme know, I've got one and no kids to ride/show him off :S

  • @Lidija-Rotherford - I thought so too when I gave him the name! :D
    Maybe I can use him somethime. I'll keep that in mind :D

  • 0_1501622199382_Screenshot-151.png
    SBH Carthago Sun aka Sunny is still alive. I had a small photoshoot with him today. The photographer (Macy) wanted to do a picture without any tack on Sunny, and I trusted Sunny to stay with me while the picture was taken.
    I love this boy, with all my heart <3
    Oh. And I got a new haircolor. xD
    Background by: CHC (Page Cunningham on ES)

  • oh my gosh. Your editing is stunning! Im in love with all these ponies! they are too cute! The edit of stunning is beautiful, love the lighting xx

  • @Neeve-Kalford Thank you very much! :D

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