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    I decided to put a few of my horses up for breeding as many are getting on in years but still don't have that many foals, and it would be nice to see their bloodlines spread gradually across the site. This will be the last 'breeding season' for many of the horses on the spreadsheet. You'll find a few fancy names and some lesser known ones too, and I have no rules on using horses of certain breeds/titles/etc. If you can't afford the fee then I'm happy to accept other forms of payment.


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    Leeds W, an upcoming stud with one promising foal currently on the ground. He is a second generation Hanoverian sired by Ledger W and out of Lochspraig BF, and is currently a National Champion in Show Jumping, with all the intention of reaching 200 points. He currently gives a total bonus of 14 in Show Jumping to any of his foals, as well as passing on his characteristically sweet and willing nature.

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    Berlioz HF is the ideal Eventing stud for anyone looking to improve their breeding programme, helped by a pedigree full of accomplished and well known names across the discipline. He is sired by CDC Henri Lloyd and out of AmB Honigbiene, making him a descendant of Howler HF, WHM Henri d'Armitz and Tanns Herbstgewitter; three prominent stallions whos offspring continue to succeed today. He is an international champion in Eventing, and currently gives a full 15 point bonus in Eventing, 5 in Dressage and 2 in Show Jumping. He has produced two foals to date, Berlissimo AT and Masquerade AT.

  • This service is now currently closed!
    thanks for any interest

  • Noooooooo how could I have missed this!??

  • @Iris-Hammel

    :see_no_evil: I think everyone missed it.
    I am still doing the odd private request, but not particularly often.

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