[ENDED] Rosewood Center Yearling Auction

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    Rosewood Center Yearling Auction

    Rosewood Center is offering two of our yearlings for auction. These two have already gone through extensive behavioral training and will stand patiently for grooming and the farrier, and will load and unload from the trailer. We are looking for active show homes for them and hope to see them proving themselves in competitions.

    • Horse must keep my prefix. Show name may be changed if asked.
    • Registration must be sent in within 2 months.
    • Please use my ID (9711) when registering the horse.
    • Please notify me if you plan to sell, I may want them back!
    • Keep the horse active! I want to see them around.
    • Do not change the coat, other than shine markings or anything similar. Minor conformation tweaks may be made. Mane and tail styles may be changed. Greys may be greyed out with age.
    • Please add an emoji in your bid.
    • I reserve the right to cancel auctions/sales at any time.

    0_1500408984259_Screenshot-192.jpg <-

    -> Rosewood’s Final Call
    by Rosewood’s Standing Ovation out of Rosewood’s Greygarden
    Finn is a bit of a showoff, no doubt inheriting his…charming personality from his sire. He is bossy but has shown great potential in his early training. We believe he will be best following behind his mother and competing in Eventing and/or Show Jumping. He is very energetic and will need someone who can put his energy to good use. His sire is competing in Dressage, and his dam is active in Eventing and Show Jumping, and Finn currently receives a bonus of +1 in both Eventing and Show Jumping. As both parents are active, this is likely to increase, giving him many options when he is ready to compete.
    Finn will come with a main site profile.
    Starting Bid for Rosewood’s Final Call


    Rosewood's Hypernova
    by Cinnabar's Forrest Fire out of Rosewood's Cressidia
    Henry is everything we love in our Vanners. He has lovely movement and color, a very charming personality, and a nice, well-built conformation with lots of hair. He is very eager to please and will do anything you ask. Henry has many showing options ahead of him, recieving a +1 bonus in Dressage, Halter, and Draft Horse Showing. His parents are active and will give more bonuses as time goes on.
    Henry will come with a main site profile.
    Starting Bid for Rosewood's Hypernova

  • Rosewood's Hypernova SB :P

  • PR Committee

    Accepted! :wink:

  • Rosewood's Hypernova - $6,000

  • PR Committee


  • Rosewood's Hypernova 7,000
    An becuse I can not see him without a bid
    Rosewood’s Final Call SB :)

  • Rosewood's Hypernova - $10,000

  • PR Committee

    All Accepted!
    Both horses are now in 24 ALB

    Rosewood's Final Call has about 8 hours remaining.
    Rosewood's Hypernova has about 13.

  • PR Committee

    Rosewood's Final Call has been sold to @Allison-Person! Send me a message here or on Slack once you send payment and I'll send you the file! <3

    Hypernova has about 3 hours remaining.

  • PR Committee

    Rosewood's Hypernova goes to @Dimitri-Dane! (Sorry I'm late It was sleepy time) Let me know where you'd like the file!

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