✯Cloud 9's Lease Services✯ [OPEN]

  • Not going to make a fancy post for this. I've noticed some of my horses are having bad luck in certain shows. I'm hoping to turn this around by giving other the opportunity to lease horses.


    • You keep the winnings
    • At the end of the lease, you get a baby! You breed my horse with any horse of your option. (Must have my prefix VL)
      -Some horses only need to be entered in one discipline, other need more
      -Horses are to be entered in all randomized
      -I am more than happy to send out files for RP/blog purposes (obviously would need to for breedings)
    Horses Gender Discipline
    LCR Go for Gold Stallion Reining
    LCR Miss Pretty Pie Mare Reining
    ADS Shadow of a Love Lost Stallion Reining & Halter
    WH Lovin' Them Diamonds Stallion Reining & Halter
    Down By The Bay Stalllion Reining
    Hotchner MD Gelding NOT USED FOR BREEDING Western Pleasure & Halter (Needs breed)
    PLR Passing Fancy Mare Halter
    BSR Moon Veil Mare Reining
    SVR's Classic Big Blue Stallion Reining
    WWC Blue Rose Mare Halter
    VL Only In The Skies Stallion Halter
    PLR/VL Splash A Million Mare Reining
    WHR Technicolor Stallion Reining
    VL Hopeless Romantic Stallion Halter
    Sovereign's Princess of the Sun Mare Reining
    WHR Shining Tears Mare Reining & Halter
    CJ Newest Addiction Gelding Reining

    If you have any questions regarding the lease, please DM me or comment below.

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