Several markings..

  • So, first up is "Woody Be Tuff" who should be a blue roan.

    In game VS Equus Profile
    Woody Be Tuff

    Next we have CK Ultra Trashy Chic in game vs out of game

    CK Ultra Trashy Chic

    LCR Gotta Lotta Bucks who is missing all of his markings..

    LCR Gotta Lotta Bucks

    That's all I've gotten so far, but I am still going through a lot of horses and may add to this post later. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Thanks! That fixed CK Ultra Trashy Chic.

    I was unable to find the roan marking for FC Woody Be Tuff so with permission from his seller I'm simply going to use a different roan marking.

    It also helped with LCR Gotta Lotta Bucks, but unfortunately he is still missing his leg markings.
    LCR Gotta Lotta Bucks


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