[ENDED] Stud Auction - RDEC Glorioso

  • Stud Auction of Yeguada de Borges
    alt text

    • Do not put the horse up for mass download.
    • Prohibited use our template for personal use.
    • You must keep our prefix (de Urquijo).
    • You can not change horse's conformation, coat colour and gender. Stallions can be gelded.
    • Missing markings may be replaced.
    • You can not change horse's mane&tail colour, however the style may be changed.
    • The horses are to be registered realistically and with my creator number #3300. Add your favourite number to your first bid so we know you read the rules.
    • Please have a look at the pedigree of your mare - we don't do inbreedings.
    • Notify me before selling the horse (just so I can keep track of it).
      alt text
      The Stud
      RDEC Glorioso, 103 pointa, recibe +17 in dressage, gives +9 in dressage
      alt text alt text
      STARTING BID: $17,000
      Minimun Increase

  • 27

    SB :heart_eyes:

  • Accepted!!

  • Available to all breeds!!

  • The sale continues!

  • 18k


  • 19,000 ❤


  • Accepted :)

  • @Nicole-Löffler Congratulations you won the auction! contact with me (chat) for more information!

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