[Closed] SJ broodmare auction [24ALB]

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    Offspring - Tanns Schneebeere
    Photo credit goes to Eowyn Vance

    (from Freiherr out of Laguna - foundation)

    Dutch Warmblood

    Tanns Liebesglueck, an once in a lifetime mare. She started her career in show jumping at a rather late age when she was already 7 years old but somewhat about the attidude of the mare made us decide we would give her the chance she needed to show what she was capable of. And she proved everyone that it was the right decision to buy her.
    It wasn't long after her first months at Tannicht that Katja Baumgaart (Lilly's rider for her whole career) took her to her first local show jumping event and ever since then the chestnut mare loved the attention, the audience and later the big areans. She had numerous wins in Grand Prix, was entered in 2 traditional shows back at the old forum and won both. She had a natural big scope over jumps, always very attentive and careful but could also explode when hold back for too long. But other then this (and a setback back in July 2016 when she had lost her confident because of an rather bad accident at a show which she was capable of overcoming with careful training and low level shows) she is an overall loveable mare. Not the typical 'red devil' you find ever so often in chestnut mares, but sweet, kind and friendly. She has a great personality and most importantly great work ethics with a clear mind. And even though she was retired some time ago, she still loves to be lightly trained, especially by the kids from the neighbourhood that she patientley caries around the arena, giving them the feeling they were great riders when in fact, Lilly is just a good, obedient horse that knows her job.

    Tanns Liebesglueck is an international Show Jumping Grand Prix winner, giving 5 bonus points in Show Jumping.


    • This is a 24 ALB; the auction will end after 24h have passed after the last bid.
    • The breeding can be redeemed at any time.
    • You can only bid for yourself and not on behalf of another member.
    • You may use any warmblood stallion; a titled warmblood stud is preferred.
    • Starting bid: 10.000 Equus. Minimum bid increase: 1.000 Equus.


    • The resulting horse must stay active; meaning you have to enter the horse in R-Shows and if possible, blog updates once in a while. Please, under any circumstances do not bid if you don't have the time or interest to keep the horse active. Please don't bid if you intent to lease the horse out all its life and only want the pedigree points for later breeding.
    • Shine markings or haitstyle may be changed. You are not allowed to change or alter the coat or conformation nor use it as a base for one of your own horses. If the horse requires editing to pass the registration, please notify us so we can make the asked changes to the horse and send its file to you. Please add your favorite book/movie character to your first bid.
    • The horse will carry our prefix (Tanns 'Name of horse') and our prefix only since it will be made by us. If not chosen any other option, the horse will come with adult conformation.
    • No public downloading of the horse, the coat or the custom made markings. You may not use the custom markings on any other horse.
    • If you no longer want the horse for whatever reason, please get in contact with us first. We may want to buy it back. If you are on hiatus, we are happy to offer to enter the horse in R-Shows for you. And please add your favorite color to the first bid as well.


    • The gender & coat of the resulting horse will be randomized within the possible realistic range.
    • I don't use the HD mod. If you do, please tell me, so I can install it to my game when making the coat for your horse.
    • The horse comes with a completely personlized character-sheet. Please don't change the character. Of course, some habits may be altered slightly according to training.
    • The horse gets main-site registered by us. When registering the horse via the spreadsheet, please enter our ID: 495.
    • The horse will come with custom legs and head markings. If nesseccary custom shade-markings, too that may only be used for that specific horse and no other horse of yours. And please add your favorite animal to the first bid, too.
    • For an additional amount we provide you with a custom made foal and yearling template. This also may only be used for that specific horse and may not be used for any other of your horses or be put up for public download.
    • Please choose the desired option in your first bid. If you haven't, you are only provided with the adult conformation.

    foal template + 10.000 Equus yearling template + 10.000 Equus foal & yearling template + 20.000 Equus

    Highest Bid Member
    200.000 k Luke Teth

  • SB - Option 3!

    I'm quite partial to sky blue, it's magical sometimes :cloud: Oh, and also, favorite character would have to be... Ciri from the Witcher novels. And I like turtles :turtle:

  • SB/11k - OPTION 3

    I love orange, which is also the color of one of my favorite animals... the tiger! However, it isn't Deadpool's color sadly : (

  • 20k - Option 3 :horse:

  • 21,000 :comet:

  • 28k :horse:

  • All accepted :slight_smile:

  • Breed Committee

    Option 3/$30k

    My favourite animal are okapis, which drinks blue water (maybe, if it's clean?) like Connor from A Monster Calls :smile:

  • 31,000 :cloud_snow:

  • All accepted.

  • 40k :horse:

  • 41.000 :dizzy:

  • 50k :horse:

  • 51.000 :seedling:

  • 60k :horse:

  • 61.000 :evergreen_tree:

  • 75k :horse:

  • 76.000 :crescent_moon:

  • 100k :carousel_horse:

  • 101.000 :butterfly:

  • 135k :horse:

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