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  • How long does it take to load your game? Mine around 10 minutes, when it comes to reading save. But the worst part are markings, and the head markings are the worst. It takes 13 (thirteen) minutes to read all head markings T.T coat making is pain, especially face. Body takes around 8 minutes ;-; How slow is your game?

  • About the same... mybe a little bit worse lol

  • To me it was the same thing, what I did was to compress all the marks, now it does not take more than 1-2 minutes

  • Ouch how do you guys get anything done?! I think my head markings are the sowest to load too, but it rarely takes more than 2-3 minutes... As for loading a save... maybe 4-5 minutes at most. Then again I'm not runing HD-anything, reshade or well..nything that would actually improve the looks of my game except for a lighting mod.

  • when it comes to making coat i have few presets of blank coats with blank face markings i often use, so I don't have to load them and I put rest of the body manually. and i often end up deleting or clicking on it so it still loads
    but when coat does not fall into preset category, it's painful ;____;

  • Hm, never really paid much attention to loading time since my game is fast (it's because I have a really strong computer). If I had to guess, I would say it takes about 1,5 minutes to load up my saves and I have little (about 10 sec maybe) to no loading time ingame. Not with markings or decor or stuff.

  • Seems like hours lol, the cas is very slow to react. I am considering make two extra mod folders to swap out, one to the horses and one for the humans lol. the mane mod folder will be replaced back into game once I am done with the cas.

  • Swear mine takes 1/2 hour :laughing: CAS is a nightmare atm it just freezes if I try and create a horse. I have added loads of new marking CC recently though so I suppose I should probably have a merging session!

  • Development Committee

    You should try to compress your marking files or packages in general.
    My game flies since I've done it and CAS is very fast too (I had similar problems like you before).
    I can highly recommend it!

    This is the program I use for it: http://sims.jfade.com/index.php?category=10&subcat=5

  • it takes around 20 mins to get in game, the body marks takes around 3 mins, head markings takes probably 2 and the other takes a few seconds, making a templates takes only 5 seconds to go to another body part :)

  • @Fiora-Healy sadly, it only made my game not read any mods ;-; well i have to update now

  • @Kiha-Kim Never merge MODs

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    @Kiha-Kim said in Loading time, markings, cas...:

    @Fiora-Healy sadly, it only made my game not read any mods ;-; well i have to update now

    As Breanna already said you should never merge or compress mods (this includes sliders).
    It's just for the normal CC like build objects, deco, markings, etc.

  • I did not this time, maybe i should use s3pe? I did merge before. if this doesn't work, then world wants me to have long cas times ^^

  • What is the net frame work? Is it the mod folder frame work or some thing else? Okay found the frame work at Microsoft, my quest is now which one do I down load the 86, or one of the 64 s ?

  • @Katharina-Opalhaven
    It's thing you install on your PC
    you most certainly have it

  • @Kiha-Kim so it is already installed on my PC than - I use W10

  • there is big probability you have installed it before! but if you aren't sure you can always google and download it

  • @Kiha-Kim Okay so I have the compresser tool, what do I do with it now - guess you can tell I have no clue how to do stuff like this lol. there are 6 exe, 1 app., 1 dll and a pdb. Dose the dll and pdb go some where in my Sims 3 game and what about the Application thing?
    I figured it out, Thanks for the tip about the tool.

  • CAS takes around anywhere from 1-3 minutes to load fully; I have aroud 19.5gb of CC but the majority of that is merged so I can testify, merging is a great way to speed up stuff.

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