[ENDED] Stride Away EC Foal Crop

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    Welcome to the Stride Away Equestrian Centre 2017 Foal Crop. This is a great opportunity to own your own SAEC horse, since the center has not had a public foal crop for many years now. There are 5 horses for sale this time, 3 fillies and 2 colts, all with bonuses and great bloodlines. For this sale, all standard rules apply. Do not distribute them or their files, keep them somewhat active (the odd blog update/R shows are fine) and please just love them! Just inform me if you wish to resell them as I might want to take them back.
    The horses are either registered or pending registration. They will come with their main site, ready to compete when they come of age. Photos are unedited besides resizing/sharpening. I do not have set prices for these horses. I would like you to make an offer along with your application. This is to give those who have less money a chance - but please note I will not sell these horses for small amounts or nothing, as a lot of work has gone into them.

    SAEC Billy Flintstone
    Thoroughbred colt // Bay Splash // 05/17 (2 years old) // +6 SJ currently
    Flint has a stunning chocolate-coloured bay coat, with the perfect amount of chrome. Sired by the very successful stallion SAEC Billy Congo (his last public foal) and out of FC Buckle Bunny, Flint would be the perfect show jumping horse for any team. Calm but spunky, Flint puts in the least effort required to clear any jump. He has been loose schooled over small cross poles, and show many signs of not being overly interested in his work. His new owner will need to work hard to make Flint succeed to his full ability, but his kind personality will be sure to win you over. Flint comes with a custom marking.
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    SAEC Flight of the Valkyries
    International Sporthorse filly // Chestnut Pintaloosa // 06/17 (1 year old) // +5 dressage currently
    Valkyrie is a horse we are very excited to see in the future. She has a striking coat and bundles of personality. Valkyrie is a sucker for treats, to the extent that as soon as you enter the stable, she'll be snuffling at your pockets in hope of a tasty morsel. As a result,
    she can be a bit nippy so we advise caution to her new owner. Her movement appears very soft and floaty, considering how bulky she is. Her sire is the stable favourite SAEC Orca's Song and is out of Monachyle's Laquette. She is 50% Knabstrupper (Sporthorse),
    25% British Warmblood and 25% Irish Draught (Warmblood). Valkyrie comes with a custom marking.
    More Pictures

    SAEC Helen of Troy
    Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) filly // Buckskin Tobiano // 04/17 (3 years old) // +15 eventing currently
    Helen is a big horse, towering above both her parents and the other horses in the sale. Helen has some impressive eventing lines, sired SAEC The Trojan out of CA Admirable,
    she carries lines from the international champion SAEC Thunderbird and well-known CE Afacan. While being big, Helen is also very eccentric with her movements. She could be said to be the opposite of Flint - when she jumps she makes sure she clears it by at least an extra foot. Her strides are long and thus would need containing for the dressage phase. However, she would excel over cross country, where she can run to her heart's content. Due to her nature, we do not recommend her for novice riders. Helen comes with a custom marking.
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    SAEC Lightning Bird
    British Sports Horse filly // Silver Bay // 05/17 (2 years old) // +5 Eventing and +3 SJ currently
    Flash currently is not earning all of her bonus points due to her dam not coming up currently, she will earn more soon. Flash is a bit of a mystery to us - she prefers to spend her time alone, is quiet and doesn't get involved in the initial madness at turnout time. We hope at her new home she'll open up to one individual rider, as we feel she'll require a one on one bond to reach her potential. Flash is related to Harley and Helen, by SAEC Thunderbird and out of UW Thalia, meaning she too carries many great horses in her lines. Please note Flash has been registered unrealistically due to her silver gene - this do not affect performance and this gene does not need to be passed on.
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    Horse Application Count
    SAEC Billy Flintstone SOLD
    SAEC Flight of the Valkyries SOLD
    SAEC Helen of Troy SOLD
    SAEC Lightning Bird SOLD

  • apply for Flintstone <3

  • I have applied for SAEC Hyperion Peace. He is simply perfect. O.O

  • said in [Ends when sold] Stride Away EC Foal Crop:

    SAEC Hyperion Peace

    How tall is SAEC Hyperion Peace?

  • Breed Committee

    @Lidija-Rotherford he's 15.3hh-16hh

  • Breed Committee

    The owner of Billy Flintstone will be announced tomorrow evening. The application for the other horses remains open to allow more members a chance :D

  • Breed Committee

    SAEC Billy Flintstone has been sold to @Johanna-Masters! I want to thank the other applicants for their applications - I wish I could give him to all of you! Johanna if you could message me on either slack or here, we can sort out sending him to you :smile:

    The applications for the other horses remain open!

  • PR Committee

    Omg thank you so much! :heart:

  • Applied :)

  • Breed Committee

    SAEC Flight of the Valkyries has been sold to @Neeve-Kalford! I have also decided to pull Hyperion Peace from the sale as I can't bear to part with him. I am very very sorry to the person that applied :disappointed:

    Applications for the other two remain open

  • @Rebecca-Wall I think it's just me XD. But, I understand. He is simply magnificent. I wish you lots of luck. I'm sure he'll get very far. ;)

  • Yay!!! Cant wait for her to arrive. Such a special little lady. Thankyou so much! will send payment now

  • Breed Committee

    SAEC Helen of Troy has been sold to @Alexis-Jordan! One horse left. Applications will close in 2 days for the last horse

  • Breed Committee

    little bump for the last mare. Will remain open 3 more days before she is sold

  • Breed Committee

    lightning Bird has been sold to @Cecilija-Zdrawka . Thank you to everyone that applied!

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