Pearl (or some strange dillution) in Icelandics

  • sorry for photo quality, but it's the only one of her I found
    alt text
    very very very rare dillution here
    Hulda Hnöll frá Torfunesi
    Basic information
    FEIF ID IS1988266203
    Name and origin Hulda Hnöll frá Torfunesi
    UELN 352002988266203
    Date of birth 01.01.1988
    Colour code 8500
    Colour Silver dapple buckskin no white markings (????)
    Country of current location NL
    Fate Alive
    Sire IS1968135570 - Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri
    Dam IS1976237250 - Hnallþóra frá Stykkishólmi

    from her pedigree and such. Her one parent was buckskin, other black.

    Well, at first we thought that she was champagne, however there is/was no natural champagne in Europe, so it's rather no-no.

    Then, I thought about pearl/apricot dillution. It comes from iberian peninsula, but is also seen across the Europe. It appears in lusitanos, PRE's and some british breeds (vanners for example) . It is recessive so it can be passed until it appears many many years later.

    ^ this very cool site says that
    *Two doses of pearl on a chestnut or bay base produces animals that look similar to champagne dilutions, with golden bodies and light mane and tail hairs. On a black base a double dose produces reddish body hair and darker red mane, tail and points – similar to a red dun (without primitive markings). *

    So I suspect it MIGHT be apritcot/pearl but it might also be another strange icelandic only dillution (like mushroom in shetties).

  • Until we actually know what this is, we can't add it.

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