(Done)I can not use my horses name

  • Hello I am trying to register a horse with the name of GA' Bacardi, the main site says that I need to use a unique name to register her. The name is not being used and this filly was bred by a stable that uses this prefix. Any thoughts on this? Thanks :D

  • Hello! I had trouble with this too. Apparently you need to change the barn name to something more unique. Hope this helps.

  • @Kaitlyn-Lewis So dose this mean the breeder needs to register the horse than. This is a filly that was bred for me by my stallion. The breeder wants the horse to have GA in the name.

  • No, sorry. I meant you need to change the horse's barn name.. Not the show name. For example, Barn Name you would change the highlighted name to something different.

  • PR Committee

    No this is just simple error with the main site. Just made the barn name the same as the show name and you should be fine.

  • @Johanna-Masters Okay I will try it. Thanks :D

  • Thanks all my horse has been added to my main site. :D Thank you all for your help.

  • No problem! Happy simming.

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