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    Welcome to our blog! :smile:

    Greenacres focus on breeding and producing top quality youngstock for competition. We mainly focus on breeding Irish breeds such as Irish Draughts, Irish Sports Horses and Connemaras but we have a selection of other competition horses, also. We are a relatively small facility but growing at a fast rate! We are based in the gorgeous countryside of Hertfordshire, UK. Luckily, we are away from anywhere busy and it's lovely and quite for our horses.

    We plan to complete in Dressage and Show Jumping once our horses are registered and we have moved into our facilities. I'm extremely lucky to have some amazing riders and grooms who love their jobs and treat all of our horses as their own.

    We will be showing our horses off on a regular basis rather than throwing loads of information in all at once! So keep an eye on us for updates!

  • Today we welcome 3 new additions to GAE. I'm super excited to see everything falling into place and the amount of growth we've been going through!

    First to introduce is our new at home dressage rider, Austin. Austin has come from a background of being raised around horses and competing his parents horses however, he now wishes to stop competing and produce young dressage horses. He fits in perfectly as Alena is our Eventing rider and I remain our Dressage rider. I'm hoping that he will eventually take over the main load of backing and producing of our youngsters.

    Also in the picture is our completely gorgeous new 3 year old Fresian Sport Horse Mare, Cinnabar Coolnight. I've always wanted a FSH and when speaking with Austin a few weeks back, when he came to meet us and discuss his start date, he agreed and said he'd be keen to produce something of his own... so here we go! Cora will be his to produce and when she is ready I will take her into the show ring.

    0_1484335073651_Cinnabar Coolnight.jpg

    -> Whilst we were busy snapping pics of Cora... I had sent Alena to make up her stable just to distract her! Austin popped Cora in the field to have a wander whilst I ran and unloaded her surprise from the trailer. As we don't have any Eventers here at GAE currently, I feel that Alena has been dying to get back out there jumping scary, solid fences - plus I have been meaning to start adding some more Eventing prospects onto the yard so when this gorgeous lad was offered to us I couldn't say no! He will be Alena's new ride to bring on and compete herself. He is by Eventing Stallion PCRA Hercules who is currently Regional Champion with 99 points and out of RDEC Simphonia who is State Champion with 108 points. Needless to say he should be a very special chap! So I stood Uno where we had Cora and asked if she could come and take her so she didn't suspect anything... her face as she walked around the corner was priceless. I handed her his leadrope and told her he was all hers. So here is PCRA Chacconu! With a slightly shocked looking Alena. :smile:

    0_1484337801480_PCRA Chacconu.jpg

    Alena then came running over after both the newbies were safely in their stables and said she felt as though I had brought her two presents today as she winked at me... I didn't quite understand what she meant until I saw Austin and her chatting in the feedroom with her grinning like a child. I think I will be keeping a close eye on those two!

  • PCRA Chacconu is a beaut. *grabby hands *

  • You know I need that colored eventer :dark_sunglasses:

  • @Lidija-Rotherford said in ❀ Greenacres Equestrian Centre. - New Staff and Exciting Youngsters!:

    You know I need that colored eventer :dark_sunglasses:

    I'll trade for a certain ID stallion... xD

    @Quinn-Monroe said in ❀ Greenacres Equestrian Centre. - New Staff and Exciting Youngsters!:

    PCRA Chacconu is a beaut. *grabby hands *

    I've had him for ages but I never got around to adding him to my game... Now I am in love :)

  • Which one? o.O

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Or maybe an Int Sports Horse? Barlume grabby hands

    I joke, BTW. xD

  • I was originally gonna say Incand. 😂

  • @Toni-Lamberti said in ❀ Greenacres Equestrian Centre. - New Staff and Exciting Youngsters!:

    @Lidija-Rotherford Or maybe an Int Sports Horse? Barlume grabby hands

    I joke, BTW. xD

    Barlume is an international sporthorse :P Ah yes, Incand <3 Whaat you could have got babies from him but nooo :P

  • Great blog! I looove that Bay Tobiano <3 omg! grabby hands

  • Can't wait for more ! :heart_decoration:

  • Chacconu :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I'm waiting to see another PCRA baby in GEA B)

  • Hey, guys! Sorry for the long gap between updates - I've been so busy with RL work and my business that I've hardly had time to breathe!
    But anyway! We have a gorgeous new addition added to the team here at GAE. We realised just how well Uno was doing with the start of his career that we decided to look for another to add to the team to compete alongside him now that he's moved up a level. I reached out to Uno's lovely breeder @Kia-Williams to see if she had any Eventing prospects available and we now have the amazing PCRA Lady Ameera in our stables!
    We got her home late last night and popped her into the school for a run around but she just had a walk around and we had a chance to get some nice shots of her. I think Alena will be riding her alongside Uno - I still need to have a chat with her to ensure she's happy to take on another. I have no doubt she will be very excited, though. We will be registering her in the next couple of days and then her career will begin! :D This is the best picture I have of her at the moment. It was late last night with the sun setting and I think she looks beautiful! Her colour is stunning. :heart_eyes:
    So, she is by RDEC Lavatin (Eventing State Champion with 142 points) and out of HRST First Dance (Eventing National Champion with 181 points). Exciting prospect to say the least!


  • I'm soo happy you like her :D And I'm sure herself and Uno will enjoy their lives at GAE :)

  • beautiful girl

  • Hey everyone. We've been super busy here at Greenacres as we've moved our competition horses to a new facility which was designed by the lovely @Lidija-Rotherford. We're super lucky to have such an amazing barn with an indoor school joined onto the stables! The horses are really settled and enjoying themselves.
    I've been over at the competition barn all week as we had a new arrival and simply to see how the horses were doing in their schooling. I like to have a sit down with both my main, residential riders to see how things were going and just to have a catch up in general. Alena told me that she has been struggling with her main ride, Uno - She said she felt that whilst they had an amazing bond on the ground, she felt as though they haven't been getting along so well since they've stepped his schooling up... so I asked her to get him tacked up so I could watch her ride and give her a quick lesson on him. I watched her warming him up and admired his amazing paces, he can really move! She seemed to ride him well on the flat and over the lower warm up fences but once we were at roughly 1m5-1m10 it all fell apart. Uno is the kind of horse that knows his job and he doesn't like to be corrected too close to a fence - Alena on the other hand likes to have control of every aspect of her rides... so she was 'checking him' constantly on the approach to the fence which made Uno either add in an extra stride or simply not pick his feet up over a fence. I gave her some pointers on sitting quietly and not being quite so harsh or obvious in her corrections and to try to leave his mouth alone where possible.
    I decided to have a sit on him and pop him over a few jumps at the end of the session as I felt his confidence had dropped... he didn't seem to be so willing to take her to a fence. He's simply an amazing horse and his career has started on a real high with 35 points already! I'm questioning whether Alena is the right rider for him but I don't want to knock her confidence by taking him away. Tough decisions to be made!
    We took some goofy pictures whilst she was getting him ready and I can really see how much she loves him. He's such a sweetheart it's hard not to! Also, a picture of me taking him over a few bigger fences to remind him that he knows how to do his job.
    0_1488497612206_Uno Alana.jpg

    We also have a new addition to the team as I mentioned earlier! A stunning Dutch Warmblood mare from @Lidija-Rotherford. Her name is RFE Latitanta and she's 6 years old with 51 points to her name and the title of Dressage Local Champion. We're extremely lucky to have her at our barn! I'm still undecided as to who will be her main rider but I asked Taylor to ride her until I've decided... I'm hoping he will approach me and ask for the ride but he joined us here at GAE because he was wanting to produce youngsters at home and step away from the ring... Lily is such a show stopped though so hopefully she will sway him to get back in there!

    We have a few more newbies and announcements to make but I will leave it at that for now and continue this in the next few days! :)

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