Resetting/Deleting old account?

  • Hello ES-Team,

    So as I havent recieved any help via Email and other ways through the ESRPG peeps to get in contact with you, I give it one last chance here.

    I wanted to ask if it would be possible to reset my Equus Community account as I havent played about 2 years and found out it still existed.
    I had a big break because of private problems and school reasons and I am freshly starting over again with new horses and stuff and I didnt knew my old account would still exist.
    So I tried to create a new account, using the same old stable name and so on and it of course didnt work.

    I logged in just now with my old account but there are no horses anymore and only 3 credits.
    I wanted to ask if its possible to reset the whole account so I could start over again as I dont want to use a new stable name or else,
    or maybe delete the old one and then i could create a complete new one if that would be better.

    If you need my Account data:
    Account Name: OtterCreekStables
    First Name: Saki
    Last Name: Natsuka

    I have a registered stable, thats the old one:
    #1764 Otter Creek Stables

    I would really appreciate if this would be possible in any way, I would really like to start through here fresh and new.
    Oh and I dont have access to the old E-Mail adress as I deleted EVERYTHING that had to do with my old stable in the past, if you need anything that would be private about account details and so on you can reach me also via

    I would really appreciate help, thank you! <3
    Greetings, Saki Natsuka.

  • Administrators

    Hello Saki,
    We don't offer fresh starts or deletion of main site accounts.
    Your recourse here is to use the existing main site account with the options of changing the member name, stable name, and stable prefix to suit your new identity. (member name and stable name can be changed yourself, see here for prefix changes.)
    In this way you will have all the features of a fresh new account except having three main site credits instead of ten. If you need more you can buy them from equus at $2k each, or from other members at varying (cheaper) prices.

    If you have any further questions or account access issues you are most welcome to reply here or email me at


  • Is it possible to take those horses out of the Stable then?
    I dont need them back because I have no clue how they were and I got other horses now.

    Oh and If this is in any way possible, I have registered the Account with an old email adress I do not have anymore, and as far as I can see there is no way to change it on my side. Can you change this to my new Email? In case I miss my password or something this might be important.

    Well then I have to figure out wich horses I really want to register xD

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