[Wanted] Hunter Horse/Pony

  • Hello everyone,

    I am currentely looking for a horse/pony competing in Hunter and/or Hunter Pace for entering it in shows, showing it in blog updates and maybe RP-ing over at ES.

    What I am looking for:

    • Mare, Stallion or Gelding. I really don't have a preferences here.
    • Youngster or adult. But please no horse/pony of retiring age with no points.
    • 2nd or higher gen prefered.
    • Any horse breed/pony breed (pony as long as the breed is eligable to carry a light adult rider)
    • The breed doesn't need to be eligable for the highest level in either discipline.
    • Any color. I don't have a preference there.
    • Coat color and conformation have to be appealing and realistic. I am very picky about that.
    • Please don't try to micromanage me. I cannot post blog updates of your horse every day or every other day. I can assure you you will hear from it on a regular basis either in a part of a story or as a picture update. I will enter it in every show though when I see it.

    That's all :) I hope someone has a nice Hunter for me and is willing to sell it :)

  • Do you have an eligible mare for breeding? I have 2 hunter horses, one being a Spanish Mustang who earned 2 pedigree bonuses in Show Hunter. I also have a Thoroughbred stallion but he doesn't offer any pedigree bonuses in Show Hunter.
    Might not be what your looking for but thought I'd offer something

  • Does it need to have hunter/hunter pace bloodlines behind it? If not, feel free to contact me <3 (Just checked that Finnhorses can reach level 7.)

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