Missing breed: Yakut

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    Breed - Yakut/Yakutian Horse/Yakutian Pony (it's generally considered horse)
    Strains - has 3, more below
    Group - thorn between pony and riding horse (often considered horse), as it's height of bigger strains is often over 150 cm, while smaller strains get around 130-140 mark
    Base - chestnut, bay, black, seal brown
    Modifiers - Dun (very often), Flaxen, Cream (rare), Pangare (often)
    White markings - tobiano
    appalosa - yes, but very rare
    gray - yes, very often
    outcrosses - no no no

    Northern type - purest and most valuable of all. Sometimes called the Middle Kolyma or Verkhoyansk horse. Dun very valuable.

    Smaller Southern type - smaller, pure but less valuable.

    Larger Southern type - not that pure, widespread across Yakutia.

    alt text

    alt text
    Zordan, only yakut stallion in Finland.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • I'd love to add this breed - it's adorable. But I'm running into the same problem as with a lot of the others. Not enough information. Wikipedia and breed databases are not reliable for this type of information. I really need some kind of registry or studbook.

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